Food and energy prices fall in April

Food and energy prices fall in April
Food and energy prices fall in April

Good news for Reunionese families? After three months of increases, food prices fell by 0.8% in April. This drop is notably driven by the prices of fresh products (-7.2%), which had increased significantly at the start of the year following the passage of Cyclone Belal. “Prices of vegetables, fruits and fish also fall in April, indicates INSEE. On the other hand, food prices excluding fresh products continue to increase (+0.5%), after +0.9% in March.” However, over one year, food prices still increase sharply by 8.2% (+1.2% at the national level). The prices of fresh products jumped over one year in Reunion: +41.1% compared to -0.7% in France. Food prices excluding fresh products increased by 3.6% (+1.5% in France).

Stable gas and electricity

The other drop in prices concerns energy. In April, these prices fell (-0.7%) after two consecutive months of increase. The prices of petroleum products are also falling (-1.3%), linked to the drop in the price of diesel (-3 cents) while the price of premium fuel is stable. Gas and electricity prices are stable. Reported over a year, as for food, energy prices increase more in Reunion than in France (+6.6% compared to +3.8%), but they slow down compared to March (+ 7.5%). This increase is mainly driven by that of electricity prices (+21.7% over one year).

Last month, prices of services increased in April (+0.5%) after stability in March and two months of decline in January and February. “The price of rent, water, household waste collection increases by 0.2%, while the prices of transport and health services are stable, advances INSEE. With the exception of prices of communications services, which fell by 0.5% after stability in March and an increase in January and February. Over one year, the prices of services, which account for almost half of household consumption, increase by 3.3% in Reunion, compared to 3% nationally, and all services contribute to this; the prices of communications services and the prices of health services as well.

Clothing and footwear on the rise

The rise in prices of manufactured products slowed down in April (+0.5% after +0.9% in March). The prices of clothing and shoes continue to increase (+1.2%) and those of health products are on the rise again (+0.3%). The prices of manufactured products excluding clothing, shoes and health products also increased (+0.3%). The price of tobacco increases by 1%; as is the case over one year (+ 7.5%). Idem, the prices of manufactured products increased by 0.3% in Reunion in one year, while the prices of clothing and shoes decreased in Reunion (-3.1%). Excluding clothing, shoes and health products, the prices of manufactured products are increasing in Reunion (+1.3%).

Year-on-year, inflation slowed in April (+3.6%). On the other hand, between April 2023 and April 2024, the consumer price index increases more in Reunion than at the national level (+2.2%). He gains + 3.6%. Generally speaking, prices are growing more strongly in Reunion than at the national level for all major consumption items, except tobacco.


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