Floods in Lomé: Calixte Madjoulba assesses the damage

Floods in Lomé: Calixte Madjoulba assesses the damage
Floods in Lomé: Calixte Madjoulba assesses the damage
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The heavy rain that fell on Lomé on Saturday left behind considerable consequences. Flooding is real in several localities. In response to this situation, Calixte Madjoulba, the Minister of Security and Civil Protection, went to the field to assess the extent of the damage and coordinate the emergency measures necessary to help the victims.

Flooding in several neighborhoodsEmergency measures implemented

Calixte Madjoulba was accompanied by the mayor of the commune of Agoè Nyivé 1, Kovi Adanbounou, the director general of the National Civil Protection Agency (ANPC), Baka Yoma, as well as technicians from this agency and those from the Agency National Public Health Authority (ANASAP).

Together, they traveled to the most affected areas to observe the damage and initiate urgent interventions.

“In most cases, the municipalities of Golfe 5, 7 and Agoè Nyivé 4 are the most impacted. However, the waters will recede after the time they have flowed,” noted Minister Madjoulba, who reported that there were no injuries or loss of human life.

Flooding in several neighborhoods

After the rain, flooding is noted in several localities in Grand Lomé and its surroundings. Among the affected areas are Agoè Carrefour 2 Lions, Fidokpui, Aguiakomé, Léo 2000, Yokoè, Ségbé, Agoè Carrefour Margot, Vakpossito, Kotokoli-Zongo, Haoussa-Zongo, Sivedo, Zilidji Baragoukopé, Atsanvé, Alinka, Bernard Kopé, Agoè -Nyivé, Towouganou, Dikame, Togblé Kopé, Avédji Wessomé, Akodessewa Kponou, and Djagblé.

Retention basins such as those of 2 Lions, Léo 2000, Ségbé, Camélon, Gbézé, and 13 Janvier are overwhelmed.

Floods are also recorded in the Agoè-Assiyéyé, Adidogomé, Hédzranawoé, Agoè Zongo, Haoussa Zongo livestock market, Fidokpui, Awatamé, and Akodessewa markets.

Schools like EPP Akoin, EPP Haoussa Zongo, CEG Haoussa, EPP Kotokoli, CEG Dikamé, CEG Fidokpui, EPP Awatamé, EPP Wougomé, EPP Yokoè Kopégan, and EPP 13 Janvier are not spared.

Emergency measures implemented

To protect populations and mitigate the effects of flooding, the authorities have taken several emergency measures. According to Calixte Madjoulba and his teams, water pumping is underway to evacuate stagnant water.

Regarding traffic, the Directorate of Road Services (DSR) is instructed to regulate traffic in the affected areas. In addition, police are required to secure flooded areas and prevent any additional risks.

During this time, coordination is put in place with the technical services of town halls for the feedback of information and continued surveillance.



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