Algeria celebrates World Africa Day!

This Saturday, May 25, 2024, the National Observatory of Civil Society (ONSC), in partnership with the Algerian Network for Dialogue and Good Algerian-African Neighborhood, celebrated World Africa Day at the Moufdi Palace of Culture Zakaria. This date also marked the 61st anniversary of the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), today the African Union (AU). Under the theme “Education and teaching, the basis of development”the meeting brought together committed actors and renowned speakers, as well as African students and representatives of civil society.

Ali Sahel, president of the Algerian Network for Dialogue and Good Algerian-African Neighborhood, opened the event with a vibrant speech. He recalled the importance of this day, which symbolizes the joy, pride and honor of African identity. “Algeria is anchored in its Africanness”, affirmed Ali Sahel, emphasizing “the commitment of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune towards the African continent, which is reflected in particular by the numerous aid allocated”. In addition, he highlighted “the initiatives of the President of the Republic aimed at supporting and developing regional cooperation in various areas”.

In addition, Ali Sahel did not fail to warn of the dangers of neocolonialism, which he sees as a constant threat to the continent. “By uniting our efforts, hand in hand, Africa will be able to counter neocolonialism and its institutions”, he declared, calling for solidarity and collective resilience.

Ali Sahel, president of the Associative Network for Dialogue and Good Algerian-African Neighborhood.

Perspectives for the socio-economic and cultural development of Africa!

During this demonstration, Noureddine Benbrahempresident of the National Observatory of Civil Society (ONSC), underlined “the crucial importance of security, peace, stability and sustainable economic development in Africa”, recalling that “socio-economic development and cultural heritage of the continent relies on close collaboration between African nations”.

Thus, Noureddine Benbrahem insisted on “the need to combine African efforts to explore new modern mechanisms to face current challenges”. “Only strengthened cooperation can enable Africa to overcome the obstacles hindering its development,” he added with conviction.

Noureddine Benbrahem, president of the National Observatory of Civil Society (ONSC).

In his speech, the president of the ONSC firmly declared that “security and peace are essential to ensure the stability and development of African countries”. He stressed that “these foundations will allow African nations to preserve their economic and political sovereignty”. “Security and peace constitute the pillars on which the future of our continent rests,” he insisted.

Noureddine Benbrahem also highlighted “the major role of Algeria in strengthening African dialogue”. “Algeria plays a key role in preserving the security and stability of the continent, as well as in the protection of its cultural, historical and civilizational components,” he stressed. According to him, “the commitment of Algeria in these areas demonstrates its desire to actively contribute to a prosperous and harmonious future for all of Africa.

Africa Day: Algerian-African cooperation in the spotlight!

On the occasion of World Africa Day, the former diplomat and president of the International Association of Friends of the Algerian Revolution, Noureddine Djoudi, recalled “the historic journey of Algerian-African cooperation”. He also noted the fact that “Algeria has always supported African countries with fervor”, highlighting “its constant commitment to the defense of various just causes, both within the former Organization of the “African Unity (OAU) than the current African Union (AU)”. Noureddine Djoudi also affirmed that “African identity is anchored in the DNA of Algeria”, illustrating this idea by asserting that “our country is genetically African from Massinissa to the President Tebboune“.

Kamel Moula, president of the Algerian Economic Renewal Council (CREA), also spoke, emphasizing “the importance of building a solid economy in Africa through the strengthening of unity and solidarity”. According to him, “achieving this objective requires working towards unifying views to strengthen the necessary partnership between African countries”. To this end, he insisted on the fact that “only close economic cooperation will allow Africa to develop in a sustainable and prosperous manner”.

The conference was also attended by other renowned speakers. Abdenour Zahzahdirector “Frantz Fanon”delivered his artistic and historical vision of pan-African struggles. Hakizimana Samuel And Lahiani Mezhouracoordinators of the Network for Algerian-African Dialogue and Good Neighborhood and co-founders of Sarl Unique You in Algeria, shared with great enthusiasm their journeys and their initiatives aimed at strengthening dialogue and cooperation between African people.

Algeria committed to promoting education and teaching in Africa!

On the sidelines of this event, Radio Ifrikya FM organized a forum under the theme “World Africa Day: the role of Algeria in the promotion of education and teaching in Africa”. This forum offered speakers the opportunity to discuss the progress and efforts made by Algeria to develop education in Algeria and Africa.

During this forum, Noureddine Benbrahem, President of the ONSC, noted “a growing awareness among African states of the importance of education in the development of countries”. For his part, Ali Sahel highlighted “the challenges facing African education systems”, while Mahrez Lamarihuman rights activist and former president of the Algerian National Committee of Solidarity with the Sahrawi People, underlined “the role of Algeria in the training of senior African executives in various fields”.

This day therefore not only highlighted Algeria’s historical ties and political commitments to Africa, but it also underlined the importance of unity and economic solidarity for a prosperous common future. The rich and varied exchanges during this event demonstrate the crucial importance of Algerian-African cooperation in building a stronger and more united continent.



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