The Union will not win the Pro League: Bruges are Belgian champions after a crazy evening

The Union will not win the Pro League: Bruges are Belgian champions after a crazy evening
The Union will not win the Pro League: Bruges are Belgian champions after a crazy evening

10 minutes from time, the Union obtained a penalty, finally scored by Nilsson, who made the break and added a little pressure on Bruges. Everything came to a head at the end of the match, when Cercle de Bruges thought they would open the score in Bruges, before the VAR canceled it for an offside position. Antwerp, for their part, scored two goals in quick succession to bring the score to 3-1 and deprive Anderlecht of its last title hopes.

It is therefore Bruges which offers itself the title of champion of Belgium, which wins the trophy for the 4th time in 5 years.

8:32 p.m.
The final ranking

We take stock of the evening’s results:

Antwerp-Anderlecht: 3-1

Bruges-Cercle: 0-0

Union-Genk: 2-0

And so, in the final ranking:

1. Brugge – 50 points

2. Union – 49 points

3. Anderlecht – 46 points



Club Bruges are Belgian champions! The Blauw & Zwart share the stake (0-0), which is enough to win the title!


End of match at Union

The Union won 2-0 and must now wait for what will happen in the final minutes in Bruges. Without a goal from the Circle, it is the Club which is champion.



Antwerp tripled the lead on a free kick. Anderlecht will finish the championship 3rd.



Antwerp makes 2-1 against Anderlecht. End of the suspense for the Mauves, who will not seek this title of Belgian champion.



It’s completely crazy! The Circle scored the opening goal and made it 0-1, but the VAR, which took the time to check everything, canceled the goal for an offside position. Bruges remains leader!



Nilsson converted the penalty, despite a nice dive from Vandevoordt which hit the leather. 2-0: the Union takes shelter!


Anderlecht holds

Anderlecht struggle to create real chances in Antwerp, which is not calm either. Delaney missed a golden opportunity in the small rectangle. Genk, for their part, thought they would equalize, but a powerful shot was deflected by the defense. Nilsson came close to 2-0, but his ball was deflected by a hand in the area. Penalty and red for El Ouhadi!


The Union seeks the KO

The Union, which leads the score against Genk, pushes for a second goal, in the hope of putting a little more pressure on Bruges. Rasmussen thinks to score this goal, but his shot is blocked. Le Cercle, at Jan Breydel, began to strike again, but without any real danger.


Antwerp equalize

Antwerp equalize against Anderlecht, with a goal from Matazo, author of a powerful strike, into the left corner. At the same time, Genk is denied a penalty by the VAR against the Union! For the moment, Anderlecht is therefore third.


Bruges attacks!

Club Brugge is on the offensive and makes incursions. Hans Vanaken has just come close to opening the scoring, his delivery from a tight angle, to the left of the goal, is deflected by the goalkeeper. It was pretty! As a reminder, if Bruges takes at least one point, the title will return to them.


Calm recovery

Not much to report yet since the recovery. The Union had a great opportunity, but Amoura did not finish. Anderlecht also scored a goal, without any real danger.


Here we go again

The home stretch is underway, on all terrains.



End of the first half of the three matches. We take stock!

Union-Genk: 1-0

Bruges-Cercle: 0-0

Antwerp-Anderlecht: 0-1

And in the ranking, it looks like this

1. Brugge – 50 points

2. Union – 49 points

3. Anderlecht – 49 points



Anders Dreyer restarts the match in Antwerp! The Dane opened the scoring by winning his one-on-one with the goalkeeper after being launched with a header. His strike leaves the opponent no chance. Anderlecht remains in the race!



Union Saint-Gilloise opens the scoring! Vanhoutte! Missed restart from Vandevoordt and Vanhouette plays with his defender, slightly shifted to the left. His power shot goes deep! Reminder: if Bruges does not lose, that does not change anything in the scenario.


The Union presses hard

The Saint-Gilloise Union knows she has to win and puts pressure on Genk. Teclab in particular, who connects dribbles and attempts. In Bruges also, it is slowly becoming clearer, but the leaders cannot manage to get it right.


No goal yet

For the moment, it is still Bruges who are champions. No goals, on any of the three grounds. The club press, whileAnderlecht cannot yet be very concrete in Antwerp. The union pushes but doesn’t score so far.



Le Cercle narrowly avoided opening the score! Jutgla wins an aerial duel and regains the ball well, cleared in front of the line, in the last seconds!


Anderlecht attacks (a little)

Anderlecht got a first big opportunity, with a shot from the edge of the area, from the feet of Dreyer. It is well countered by the defense. Still 0-0.


The Union pushes

The Union is starting to create big opportunities against Genk. The Limburg defense has been put to the test so far, but it doesn’t fit! Behind, big opportunity for Fadera, who misses a face to face with Moris!


First opportunities

In AntwerpAntwerp showed their noses at the window, but a too axial strike was captured by Coosemans. To the Union, the first shot was off target. Not much to report yet in Bruges.

6:30 p.m.

Let’s go :!

The three matches have just started, let’s go for this final stretch!

6:24 p.m.

The different scenarios

Here, we remind you, are the different possible scenarios!

6:17 p.m.

The mood rises everywhere

In the three stadiums involved in this fight for the title, the atmosphere rises gradually. We’re going to have a great evening!

6:10 p.m.

The composition of Anderlecht

And we end with the composition of Anderlecht, which hosts Antwerp. Sardella, injured, is not in the squad, nor are Schmeichel and Amuzu. No more than Vertonghen and Thorgan Hazard, as expected. Coosemans starts in goal and Gattoni, Delaney, Leoni and Augustinssen start the match.

6:08 p.m.

The composition of the Union

No change for the Union, which hosts Genk. The club sends what looks like its best starting XI to kick-off. Note, however, the absence of Lapoussin, who is not part of the group. Machida is on the bench.

6:03 p.m.

The composition of Bruges

Bruges and Cercle face each other in a stadium that they share all year round. Here is the last Bruges eleven of the season. A change from the last match: Nielsen is on the bench, replaced by Skov Olsen

6 p.m.

Good evening everyone !

Good evening everyone and welcome to this live! Together, we will follow the three matches which will decide the title: Antwerp-Anderlecht, Bruges-Cercle Bruges and Union Saint-Gilloise-Anderlecht. Kick-off at 6:30 p.m.!



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