a day in the forest in an all-terrain wheelchair

This Monday, May 27, an all-terrain wheelchair day (FTT) is being organized by the departmental Handisport committee in the Nogent municipal forest.

An appointment is made in the morning, in the fitness trail parking lot, then towards the municipal forest, for an FTT day. “The objective is to introduce people to this outdoor practice which is the equivalent of a mountain bike, but for a person with a motor disability,” explains Claire Lambert, multi-sport sports instructor. The practice of all-terrain wheelchairs is part of a priority to develop outdoor outings in areas that are well suited to them. “For several years, we have often offered discovery days, or in nature challenge format, like last Saturday in Villegusien,” continues Claire. And continues: “We have four armchairs, which is already very good, because this equipment is very expensive. We want to have this favorable material in our department.” Suitable for all ages, the chair is accessible even to the less sporty, because it is electric: “You can go into the forest, it goes through many places. The only constraint is to have a minimum width of one meter, and not too much slope,” concludes Claire. The latter as well as the committee’s companions will be present this Monday, as will people from the Saint-Blin shelter, and Thomas Mendez, president of the committee. This Monday is full, but for those who want more information it is possible to contact the disabled sports committee.

For all information, call, email: [email protected], site: https://handisport-hautemarne.org

  • Claire (with the white t-shirt) also accompanies the FTT users.
  • The committee has four all-terrain chairs.


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