“I leave with my head held high with this trophy”: Kylian Mbappé’s last words as a PSG player

“I leave with my head held high with this trophy”: Kylian Mbappé’s last words as a PSG player
“I leave with my head held high with this trophy”: Kylian Mbappé’s last words as a PSG player

A moving end to the evening marked by Kylian Mbappé’s farewell. After PSG’s victory in the Coupe de France final against Lyon (2-1), this Saturday, the striker presented himself in the mixed zone to express his feelings at the end of what was his last appearance with the Parisian club .

Between nostalgia and emotions, his voice slightly broken, he broke the shell without yet giving his next destination. We will have to wait a little longer before his signing with Real Madrid is made official.

This last trophy with PSG necessarily has a special flavor?

KYLIAN MBAPPÉ. Yes, very special. I’m very happy, it’s a competition which is very important for us. We are the record holders in this competition and we wanted to continue to increase our lead. It’s very emotional for all the supporters, the club, the players and it did us good. Finishing with a trophy, there’s nothing better, it feels a lot of good.

What does this title represent?

Many things. In a Coupe de France final, with the protocol, we wait a lot before the match. You have time to think and that’s the last thing for a football player to do. There are a lot of things that come back, the nostalgia, the fact that in 90 minutes it’s over. You can’t look back anymore because there will be nothing left… It was both difficult and fun because it’s a final. Plus, we won. It’s full of fun!

Is the emotion even stronger than during your last one at the Parc des Princes?

It’s stronger, of course. Because after the Park there were still matches, there are none left there. These are just beautiful memories, great years at PSG and in this championship. I leave with my head held high with this trophy and I only remember the positive.

Is there a bit of sadness that the story is ending?

Nostalgia, emotion. We had time to think, I said it, and it’s very bad for a football player, but it was cool. I always took stock of where I was in good times and bad. I was able to make the most of this experience which was unique. Playing for PSG is unique and something powerful for all those who want to experience greatness in their country. I was lucky enough to experience it and I know that I will never be able to relive everything I experienced here anywhere else. Now I’m going to experience other things and I’m sure the other things will be magical too.

Why don’t you say that you are signing for Real?

Because I think the best thing to do is to finish your goodbyes first. All I wanted was to finish well with my club by winning this trophy. There is a time for everything. We’re only a few days away, so there’s no problem.

Leaving by lifting one last trophy was Mbappé’s ultimate goal at PSG. Mission accomplished ! LP/Arnaud Journois

Will you announce it before joining the French team?

I do not know yet. These are still a few details. The important thing was to finish well. It was important to give PSG one last trophy, some last sensations, some last emotions.

You barely have a voice anymore. Is it because you shouted a lot to celebrate this last victory?

Yes, we shouted a lot. I talked a lot, too, because everyone wanted me to talk. When you know it’s over, it’s different than when you announce that you’re leaving and that you have five or six games left. You’re still focused. But now, me and PSG, it’s over. I am very happy, even if there is a lot of nostalgia and emotion to leave the French championship.

Is there going to be a nice party anyway?

(He laughs) Of course! Like any self-respecting guy.



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