follow the Coupe de France final live. Serious incidents before the match

follow the Coupe de France final live. Serious incidents before the match
follow the Coupe de France final live. Serious incidents before the match

Mbappé is well established

Comem announced yesterday by Luis Enrique.

INFO BFM TV: The cancellation of the final is not envisaged

The hypothesis of cancellation is not envisaged (prefectural Source at BFM TV)

Firefighters are putting out the fire at the toll gate

Firefighters are putting out the toll barrier. A police escort will accompany the buses to Lille.

It’s tense in front of the stadium

It’s getting a little tense in front of the stadium. Parisian supporters arriving from the Lyon side are whistled and insulted. Often escorted by security. Police on horseback moved into position to create a barrier.


Parisian buses leave again

The Parisian buses have all just left the toll booth to take the road towards the stadium. They still don’t know if they will be able to attend the match.


Families caught in fights

Frozen situation at the toll. Families and children were also on some buses, they grouped together so as not to find themselves in the middle of the fights


Beginning of the return to calm

The situation is finally calming down. The Lyonnais are placed in a field, surrounded by CRS. A blockade resumed a few minutes ago because OL supporters stole equipment from Parisian buses (for the tifo).


Buses managed to leave

A few buses (very few) managed to leave…some with broken windows…But the police escorts did not always follow. Situation still tense.


Highway blocked in both directions

The highway has just been blocked in both directions. Fights are still going on.


Incidents continue

The situation is still tense there. OL supporters, dressed in white for the occasion, were scattered across the motorway area, which forced the motorway to be cut off.

Several CRS companies are on site, they were to escort the buses to Lille, to restore calm. An OL supporter was also beaten up on the road by Parisian fans, most of them wearing hoods. Three buses are on fire.

The fire from the buses started under the roof of the toll booth, releasing black smoke visible for several kilometers.

For the moment no results.


General brawl on a motorway rest area between Parisian and Lyon supporters

A general fight broke out at a motorway rest area near the Fresnes toll booth on the A1. The buses of the Parisian ultras had arranged to meet. But buses from Lyon arrived at the last minute to everyone’s surprise. The CRS were forced to use tear gas. The situation seems to be stabilizing.


Emmanuel Macron present in Lille for the Coupe de France final

According to our information, Emmanuel Macron will be at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium this evening to attend the final of the Coupe de France. The President of the Republic has just confirmed his presence.


Nasser Al-Khelaïfi present in Lille this evening

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi will be present in Lille this evening for the final. He should arrive in the North early in the afternoon.


A tribute for Jordan before the final kicks off

A moment of contemplation will be held this Saturday evening before the final in tribute to Jordan Denneulin, the player-educator from Courrières (Pas-de-Calais) struck by lightning Thursday evening on a field and died.


The OL group has just fallen

23 players called by Pierre Sage for the final. Note the absence of Dejan Lovren, who has not played since January anyway.

“Turn them off”: Karim Benzema’s message of encouragement to the Lyonnais

A few hours before the final, OL have just shared a message of encouragement from Karim Benzema for the Lyon players.

“Okay guys, it’s the big day. Here we are, it’s today, it’s not tomorrow. A lot of strength (editor’s note), ambition, courage, and please turn them off! 6-9 in the house, we’re together, let’s go!”

Why the probable tenure of Lucas Perri in place of Anthony Lopes does not please Jérôme Rothen at all

The choice of Lucas Perri did not please Jérôme Rothen, who doubted the sporting added value while deploring a lack of class on the part of Pierre Sage towards Anthony Lopes.

>>> His full intervention here

How Lucas Perri approaches his first final with OL

Pierre Sage is not going to change his principles. As revealed on RMC Sport, the Lyon coach will renew his confidence in Lucas Perri for the goalkeeper position. The Brazilian will be lined up in place of Anthony Lopes.

>>> We explain to you here how Lucas Perri approaches this shock

The probable composition of OL with Lucas Perri starting

According to our information, Lucas Perri should be lined up in place of Anthony Lopes as goalkeeper. Cherki is also on track to be a starter, just like Tolisso.

The probable composition of OL: Perri – Mata, O’Brien, Caleta-Car, Tagliafico – Matic – Cherki, Caqueret, Tolisso, Benrahma – Lacazette

The probable composition of PSG

PSG should appear with its main starters to face Lyon on Saturday evening in the final of the Coupe de France. If Luis Enrique confirmed the return of Kylian Mbappé, a small doubt concerns the Moroccan right-back Achraf Hakimi.

>> All the indiscretions on the PSG line-up

The probable line-up of PSG: Donnarumma – Hakimi, Marquinhos, Beraldo or Skriniar, Mendes – Zaire-Emery, Vitinha, Ruiz – Dembele, Mbappe, Barcola

Hello everyone

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow live commentary on the Coupe de France final between OL and PSG, which will take place in Lille due to the Olympic Games. Crowned champion of France for the 12th time in its history, the Parisian club now wants to win its 15th Coupe de France. For their part, already qualified for the next Europa League, OL want to end their drought which has lasted since 2012 with a Champions Trophy won in the wake of the Coupe de France.



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