At the Cannes Film Festival, there’s not just the Palme d’Or, here are the other award-winning films on the Croisette

At the Cannes Film Festival, there’s not just the Palme d’Or, here are the other award-winning films on the Croisette
At the Cannes Film Festival, there’s not just the Palme d’Or, here are the other award-winning films on the Croisette

If film critics and the general public focus on the official selection, other prizes allow you to become known at the Cannes festival. Filmmakers’ Fortnight, Critics’ Week, Queer Palm, Acid: here are their awards.

These are prizes considered less prestigious than those of the official selection. However, the juries are known and award-winning directors, such as Xavier Dolan, president of the “Un certain regard” selection or well-known actresses like Elle Fanning for the “Lights on Women” prize which rewards women directors.

  • Filmmakers’ Fortnight: Andrea Arnold received the Golden Coach as director. His new film Bird is in the official selection.

The jury praised “a cinematographic gesture carried by poetry, humanism, in a punk energy which elevates beings to the beauty and love of others.

  • Critic’s Week (composed of representatives of the international specialized press, is interested in first and second feature films).

Argentinian director Federico Luis received the Grand Prix of the Critic’s Weekfor his first film Simon de la Montana. Simón, a boy who lives in a town in the Andes, befriends a group of mentally disabled teenagers.

  • In some perspective : Black dog by Guan Hu

Lang returns to his hometown at the edge of the Gobi Desert. While working for the local patrol tasked with ridding the town of stray dogs, he forms a strange relationship with one of them. These two lonely souls then embark on a new journey together…

  • Queer palm : Three kilometers to the end of the world, by Emanuel Parvu The Romanian film deals with homophobia. He was rewarded by the jury led by Lukas Dhont.
  • François Chalais Prize : Wild fig tree seeds, by Iranian dissident director Mohammad Rasoulof. When religion combines with political power and patriarchy, it can destroy people’s most intimate relationships and dignity, as this Iranian family drama embodies. The jury was sensitive to its symbolic richness, its generous ending, its touches of humor and its heartbreaking tension.
  • Chopard Trophy: Australian actress Sophie Wilde (soon in the film Babygirl) and Mike Faist, American actor, singer and dancer notably in West side story (soon in the film Challengers). The Chopard trophy rewards young talents.
  • L’Oréal “Lights on women”: Across the waters, Viv Li. The wind is blowing strong, the weather is dry. In a remote mining town, a somewhat unusual young girl becomes curious about a passing truck driver.
  • Palm dog : Kodi, a Griffon cross, star in The dog’s trial who wins the prize. A 9 year old dog with an already busy career.

Photo session for Kodi in the middle of the night on the red carpet! The Griffon cross, star in “The Trial of the Dog”, received the Palm Dog on Friday.

© Anne Le Hars FTV

  • Cinemaf: Sunflowers were the first ones you knew, by Chidananda S Naik (India).

    The sun no longer rises since an old woman stole the village rooster, plunging the community into disarray. To bring back the rooster, a prophecy is invoked, sending the old lady’s family into exile.

  • Acid: 14 filmmakers have viewed several hundred films, 9 are scheduled. Among them, 6 first feature films, 6 fiction films and 3 documentaries. Attention is paid to films without distributors, which share the top billing.
  • Ecumenical Prize : Wild fig tree seedsby Iranian dissident director Mohammad Rasoulof.
  • Prize for best immersive work (IA):

Black, created by Tania de Montaigne (based on her book), Stéphane Foenkinos and Pierre-Alain Giraud.

These parallel selections offer a spotlight on a short film, the promising talent of a young director who benefits from the ultra-media coverage of the Cannes Festival. “Small prices” sometimes herald a great destiny.



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