What is Sniffy, this white energizing powder that the government wants to ban?

What is Sniffy, this white energizing powder that the government wants to ban?
What is Sniffy, this white energizing powder that the government wants to ban?

The Minister of Health, Frédéric Valletoux, promised on Saturday May 25 the ban on a white powder to be inhaled through the nose presented as energizing, and which arouses controversy because its consumption is reminiscent of cocaine.

“I discovered this latest invention 48 hours ago, he declared on -. I will actually see in the coming days how we can ban this type of thing”continued the minister, in reference to Sniffy, this new recreational substance which has caused a lot of talk since a column on the TV show M6 The big week was posted Tuesday May 21 on Instagram. The journalist is surprised that such a product can be sold in tobacco shops in France.

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An “energizing” and “festive” product

Also sold on the Internet, Sniffy, which comes in several flavors, presents itself as a “food supplement,” “energizing,” and “festive,” with a duration of action of between 20 and 30 minutes. With an unequivocal name, “Sniffy” makes no secret of following all the codes generally associated with cocaine.

“A white powder that you inhale through your nose? Although this may suggest forbidden pleasure, it is completely within the law.”, also praises the brand on its website. To be inhaled through one nostril using a small straw, the product sold for €14.90 – per gram – remains prohibited for minors.

Among the components cited, the product, created by the Marseille CBD manufacturer Highbuy, contains l-arginine, an amino acid, caffeine, creatinine, l-citrulline, taurine and even maltodextrin. A cocktail considered dangerous by several doctors interviewed in the press in recent days.

In 20 minutesthe medical biologist in biochemistry specialized at Lille University Hospital Guillaume Grzych believes that the components perhaps do not present a danger individually but the risk “these are the doses and methods of consumption, which can lead to overdoses and have long-term consequences”. The method of administration of the product could also induce a risk of damage to the nasal septums.

Indignation of tobacconists

The publicity around this product has provoked indignation and condemnations from representatives of several professions, police unions and tobacconists and addiction specialists. “The Confederation (of tobacconists) firmly opposes the marketing of these products”can we read on his Facebook page. “Let’s not compromise our ethics! »adds the professional organization.

“It’s infuriating, it’s infuriating to see this kind of product offered to young people. It’s infuriating to see that ultimately those who, under the cover of products and a somewhat cheesy, somewhat harmless speech, we have the right, it’s not dangerous, it’s original, etc., are trying to lure young people into tobacco, drug use and ultimately addiction”declared Frédéric Valletoux.

“It’s a constant race between almost the sellers of death, even if they might be angry with me for the expression, because it’s a bit radical” And “the repressive apparatus which is the law which must always run after those who have funny ideas for our young people”noted the Minister of Health.



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