what we know about the shootings in the town center of Héricourt in Haute-Saône

what we know about the shootings in the town center of Héricourt in Haute-Saône
what we know about the shootings in the town center of Héricourt in Haute-Saône

This Saturday, May 25, gunshots rang out in the town center of Héricourt in Haute-Saône. The shots caused no injuries. The police intervened in a home in the town.

“In a small town like this, we never thought we’d see this here.” This resident of Héricourt, a small town of 10 000 inhabitants in the south-east of Haute-Saône, are still in shock. A few hours earlier, in the city center, this Saturday, May 25, a man targeted her with a Kalashnikov-type weapon. “I was leaving towards the tobacco shop, and the guy came in front of me with the weapon, threatening me, ‘Where is he? Where is he?’, I took a step back, he kept moving and he fired into the air.”

The weather is nice, and around 1:30 p.m., the two neighboring café terraces are full. “He threatened people who were on the terrace” continues the local resident at the microphone of Frédéric Buridant and Antoine Laroche. “He fired in the air, but it could have ricocheted”.

“I saw shell casings on the ground” remembers Ludovic, manager of one of the two bars, “I started to turn around, and I saw the armed individual, and I crouched down towards the bar and told people to get to safety.” He also admits to still being very shocked at the end of the afternoon, even if the shots caused no injuries.

According to numerous witnesses, the man, wearing a hoodie and jogging pants, continued his way through the streets of Héricourt.

David was watching television at home when he heard the gunshots. “I went to my window, and I saw a man on the corner of my street, with a hoodie, coming up with a weapon.” This former soldier claims to have formally identified a Kalashnikov. “He came back up, he saw me at the window, he took his gun and he fired into the facade in front of my house, precisely 13 shots.” In front of the home, in the middle of the afternoon, pieces of tiles were still lying on the ground.


Police forces mobilized in Héricourt, while an individual was holed up in a home

© Emilien Diaz / France Télévisions

According to a person familiar with the matter, the shooter, still on foot, continued to walk towards the village hall, before taking refuge in a home, probably that of his parents, where he was quickly arrested by the police forces. the order. Many police officers came as reinforcements from the town of Montbéliard. A video of the suspect’s arrest is circulating on social networks.

This man would be the son of a well-known family in Héricourt. “We are a small town and everyone knows each other, the individual was apparently at the bar a few hours before” indicated Fernand Burkhalter, various left-wing mayor of Héricourt, to our journalists Emilien Diaz and Eric Debief. According to several testimonies, the suspect was under the influence of narcotics.

Several sources indicated that another person was arrested very quickly early in the afternoon. She would have been seen on a scooter a few moments before the shooter. But these elements were difficult to confirm, and the Vesoul public prosecutor’s office, in charge of the case, indicated that it would not communicate until it was possible to be certain of the identity and role of the people. arrested.

Although rumors of attacks spread on social networks, there was no evidence on site to corroborate this hypothesis.


By mid-afternoon, the camait had returned to the terraces near the shooting

© Antoine Laroche / France Télévisions

Another rumor indicated that the shooter was seen, threatening and with a weapon, at a school fair. If a neighboring school was organizing a fair this Saturday, and was instructed to close the gates, “we didn’t see anyone, we only had students and parents of students” said a member of the teaching team.



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