“Sniffy”: what is this new energizing powder to snort that the Minister of Health wants to ban

“Sniffy”: what is this new energizing powder to snort that the Minister of Health wants to ban
“Sniffy”: what is this new energizing powder to snort that the Minister of Health wants to ban


Léa Giandomenico

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May 25, 2024 at 10:18 a.m.

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It is a white powder that can be sniffed, and which would have “energizing” properties. If after this description you immediately think of cocaine, which is also inhaled through the nose, think again: “Sniffy” brand powder is legal and is sold in some tobacco shops and on the Internet.

This Saturday, May 25, 2024, Frédéric Valletoux, Minister of Health, announced that he wanted to ban the sale of this product.

Taurine, creatinine, caffeine… to snort

“Boost your energy instantly,” promises the Sniffy brand on its site, which you can navigate freely after only entering your date of birth to certify that you are an adult. Thus, this powder, which contains, among other things, creatinine, taurine, caffeine and L-arginine, this powder is consumed “ by inhalation“. Just like cocaine.

“A white powder that you inhale through your nose? Although it may evoke forbidden pleasure, it is completely within the law,” boasts the brand on its site, which prides itself on being “the all-new snorting powder that everyone will be talking about.”

Sold on its website, plain or flavored (mint, lemon, green, passion fruit, candy strawberry), for the modest sum of 14.90 euros per box, it is also sold in certain tobacco shops.

The effects of Sniffy are said to be “immediate” and last “20 to 30 minutes”. A powder sold to partygoers who want to stay awake, to athletes, or to those who want to have more energy, the brand further argues.

Ban “as soon as possible”

But snorting powder provokes disbelief in the medical sphere. And also at the government level. Morning guest -this Saturday, May 25, 2024, the Minister of Health, Frédéric Valletoux, spoke on the subject of this new product that he discovered very recently.

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It’s annoying to see these kinds of products offered to young people.to see that those who, under the cover of harmless speech, try to attract young people towards tobacco, drug consumption and addiction,” he began at the microphone of our colleagues.

I discovered this rubbish 48 hours ago, (…) I will see in the coming days how we can ban this kind of thing.

Frédéric ValletouxHealth Minister

As for the question of when Sniffy would be banned, the minister wanted to reassure: “As soon as we can,” he said. “I will look this weekend, I will be uncompromising,” he assured.

Indirect trivialization of cocaine

The Minister of Health is not the only one to protest. In the medical field, addictologists are sounding the alarm, and in particular the Addictions France association.

“The problem with the marketing of this product is obviously not its composition, but its advertising promotion which is based in some way on decaine cocaine“, explains Bernard Basset, doctor specializing in public health, president of Addictions France, on the association’s website.

The trivialization of the gesture (sniff), the appearance (white powder), the motivations for consuming it (boost your energy, party). Sniffy® is not cocaine, but it resembles it so much that it indirectly trivializes its use.

Bernard BassetPresident of the Addictions France association

The doctor adds, among all the defects of this product, an aggravating circumstance: “there are different sweet and tangy flavors (Passion Fruit, Strawberry Candy, Plain, Fresh Mint and Lime) which, we have no doubt, will attract the youngest,” he anticipates.

Puff soon to be banned

This type of product is not the first in the authorities’ sights. Before Sniffy, it was the puff that had been the subject of controversy, before its ban was voted by deputies and senators. The law has not yet been promulgated.

These disposable electronic cigarettes were all the rage among young people, with high school students being able to easily obtain them. They are also flavored with several flavors, and are denounced by professionals who accuse them of trivializing the act of vaping, and therefore smoking, by extension.

Puff “can be highly addictive and constitute a gateway to smoking”, according to the associations, as we explained in a previous article.

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