What is Sniffy, a white powder reminiscent of cocaine, that the government wants to ban?

What is Sniffy, a white powder reminiscent of cocaine, that the government wants to ban?
What is Sniffy, a white powder reminiscent of cocaine, that the government wants to ban?

A white powder that is inhaled through the nose, promising an energizing effect, doesn’t that remind you of anything? Well no, it’s not cocaine, but Sniffy, a product sold for several days on the internet, but also in certain tobacco shops. Its marketing “is fully compliant with the law”, indicates Sniffy on its site.

What does this product contain?

Presented in a vial, its composition would come from “90% natural products”, depending on the brand. Namely, among others, caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, maltodextrin, or even taurine, also present in certain energy drinks. Ingredients supposed to provide “an instant boost of energy”, with an effect lasting between twenty and thirty minutes.

Sniffy rents his grip for sports, studies, exams or even in a festive setting. The maximum daily dose not to be exceeded would be 2 g, or two vials. Its use can “potentially irritate sensitive mucous membranes, causing dryness or inflammation. It is imperative to consult a healthcare professional before adopting this method of administration to assess individual risks,” still warns the brand.

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“We must ban it as soon as we can”, says the Minister of Health

The similarities of this powder with cocaine have triggered strong reactions. “It’s annoying to see this type of product offered to young people, reacted in particular Frédéric Valletoux, Minister of Health, this Saturday, May 25, on -. Forty-eight hours ago I discovered this “junk” that some people want to sell. […] We must ban it as soon as we can,” he adds. The minister promises to be “intractable” against these “sellers of death”.

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“Trivialization of cocaine”

The Addictions France association also reacted in an article published on its site. Bernard Basset, a doctor specializing in public health, denounces the commercial promotion of the Sniffy company which “constantly plays on ambiguity and resemblance to cocaine (sniff, white powder, energy shot, party)”. He adds : “Tobacconists will therefore, through the sale of this white powder for snorting, contribute to the trivialization of cocaine in our world. »

As for the Confederation of tobacconists, https://twitter.com/LesBuralistes/status/1793974724755952010 that “more than 90% of the network refuses the marketing of this product. We do not compromise our ethics! » She assures, on her Facebook page, that she has “seized the authorities regarding this product”.



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