Isigny-sur-Mer: a white day against the reform of the clash of knowledge in middle school

Isigny-sur-Mer: a white day against the reform of the clash of knowledge in middle school
Isigny-sur-Mer: a white day against the reform of the clash of knowledge in middle school


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May 25, 2024 at 10:09 a.m.

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Thursday May 23, 2024, in Isigny-sur-Mer (Calvados) the representatives of parents of students at the Val d’Aure college invited parents to demonstrate against the reform of the clash of knowledge. A white day for students widely followed since, according to our information, 6 out of 10 students were absent from the establishment.

The government will set up level groups in French and mathematics for 6th and 5th grades at the start of the 2024 school year and for 4th and 3rd grades at the start of the 2025 school year. On Thursday, the mobilization of parents was not as expected in front of the college, however, many students were absent from classes to participate in the white day and denounce the reform. 60% of students were absent.

From Friday May 17, 2024, parents’ representatives distributed leaflets in order to alert parents about the school arrangements which will take place at the start of the next school year concerning 6th and 5th grade students.

“To the detriment of personalized help”

“We have a big concern about putting students in groups based on their ease of learning. We will use existing means to carry out this reform. This will be achieved to the detriment of certain workshops that have been set up and which work very well and for which we have sufficient hindsight to judge their rather recent benefits, such as personalized help, Bilingual, the future course, etc. How will they be replaced? teachers absent during the establishment of the different groups, will we then favor one group to the detriment of another”, question the teachers represented. “Currently, the Ulis professor has been absent for 4 months and has still not been replaced. »

“Presented by the Government as an opportunity, this sorting is a stigma”

For the group gathered in front of the college, another concern remains “The students will be divided into groups according to their level, the “good students” and the “less good” but this sorting presented by the Government as an opportunity is in fact a stigmatization of the more fragile and a competition between the strongest, which can lead to even greater behavioral problems outside of class.

The fears are also to establish a negative self-image and a backpedaling on psychosocial and common core skills allowing students in difficulty to progress rather than feeling like failures. “It’s still putting children in “boxes” and widening the gaps, and this, at a relatively young age, right in the middle of adolescence, leading to rivalry and individualism. We are told about an Inclusive society based on mutual aid, cooperative and collaborative practices, which seems far from the planned reform…”

New mobilization this Saturday

Teachers regret not having had the opportunity to discuss with parents to explain the reform. “A meeting by management for parents of CM2 and 6th grade students took place on Tuesday May 21 in the presence of the Academy inspector, her deputy and the academic head of French, without the presence of mathematics teachers or French. » underline the parents of the students. Everyone is invited to join the movements of the new day of mobilization against education reform, scheduled for Saturday May 25.

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