MotoGP, Catalonia J1, Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati/4): “there were too many crashes for a first day”

MotoGP, Catalonia J1, Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati/4): “there were too many crashes for a first day”
MotoGP, Catalonia J1, Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati/4): “there were too many crashes for a first day”

Ducati star rider Pecco Bagnaia opened the Catalan Grand Prix weekend with a promising start, placing fourth in Friday’s qualifying. However, despite a good start, Bagnaia has made no secret of his dissatisfaction with the layout of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, calling for changes to improve safety and performance.

The medium rear tire, which was the racing tire last year, disappointed me today. He
offers less grip this yearwhich complicates things
” explain
Bagnaiawho recorded a time of 1’38.695, only 0.133 seconds behind
Aleix Espargaro. “ It took me six laps to warm up the rear tire today. Before that,
it just didn’t work. We must find a solution to improve this Saturday
. »

The circuit was the scene of several falls during the sessions, prompting Pecco Bagnaia to openly criticize the grip of the track. “ Track conditions with this low level of grip are very critical for me. Security is not very high, you fall without warning, without error. Brad Binder fell almost without tilt. There were too many falls for a first day” he added.

Pecco Bagnaia: “ it feels like riding on a flat dirt track »

Bagnaia also noted that the route requires changes for next year. “ You slide a lot in certain turns, and you have to work a lot to control the bike. It feels like riding on a flat dirt track. »

Asked about the improvement in performance in this MotoGP season, Pecco Bagnaia attributes advances to tires rather than motorcycles. “ The new tire design allows us to drive five or six tenths faster. It’s definitely thanks to the tires, not so much the bike. »

even though
Ducati did not dominate the top 10 on Friday,
Bagnaia sees advantages in the GP24 model, especially when entering corners and braking. “ The big advantage of the GP24 is when entering turns and braking. However, the new bike offers a little less grip on this circuit, which was better last year. The grip here is clearly the worst. »

In conclusion, Bagnaia remains optimistic for the rest of the weekend, despite the technical challenges and track configuration. “ We will do everything to improve our performance and hope to be better prepared for the race. »

Pecco Bagnaia

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