Collapse of a building in Casablanca: prosecution in sight

Collapse of a building in Casablanca: prosecution in sight
Collapse of a building in Casablanca: prosecution in sight

After the first moments of emotion, after the collapse of the building located in the Burgundy district, the time has come for accountability. Daily life Assaba we learn in its weekend edition of May 25 and 26 that an investigation has just been opened. Which investigation was ordered by the King’s Prosecutor at the Ain Sebaa Criminal Court of First Instance.

Friday, the daily continues, one day after the tragedy which fortunately did not cause any victims, the judicial police services were still collecting clues and information. They were also busy establishing the list of people who will be called to testify and those who will be subjected to questioning.

This second category could include, among others, civil servants, the two owners of premises located under the building, construction contractors and officials within the Casablanca-Anfa prefecture. According to the daily, arrests could take place in connection with this case.

At the current stage of the investigation, the daily continues, two hypotheses have already been adopted. The first being that the land on which the building is built is saturated with water and the water table is close to the surface. Lydec services have, moreover, already undertaken on several occasions to evacuate excess water in this area.

The second hypothesis, the most plausible and the one retained by the PJ investigators, refers to human error. Work to develop a café-restaurant located on the ground floor of the building has been singled out. They would have been carried out without authorization from the borough services and without the support of interior architectural plans.

And it was during the work, carried out in an anarchic manner according to daily life, that the structures and foundations of the building would have been affected. Disturbing cracks were observed at first, then collapse.

According to sources cited by the daily, citizens were well advised to alert the authorities as soon as they felt vibrations in the building and noticed the first cracks.

However, the building is not registered on the list of buildings threatening ruin, the daily underlines. On the ground floor, shops and snack bars are very busy.

In short, to avoid a catastrophe, the local authorities, alerted by the residents, reacted quickly, ordering the immediate evacuation of the building. The operation lasted barely 35 minutes. Thursday at 2:35 p.m., the building was on the ground, without causing any casualties. Citizens were able to follow the incident on social networks a few minutes later.

All the authorities came to the scene, headed by wali Mohamed Mhidia, in addition to officials from the prefecture, the commune and the district as well as the police and civil protection.

The wali kept an eye on things and gave the instructions required in such a situation. He then demanded the presence of all the officials concerned as well as the LPEE services. The public laboratory’s mission is to provide the necessary expertise to define the causes of this collapse.

As for the services of the prefecture, underlines the daily, they must first respond to the situation of anarchy which reigns in this area, underlines Assabaas well as possible violations of the town planning code to which, according to the daily, they would have turned a blind eye.

By Amyne Asmlal

05/24/2024 at 9:44 p.m.



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