Heroic and victorious Vendrama at the end of an impressive solitary rush, the summary

Heroic and victorious Vendrama at the end of an impressive solitary rush, the summary
Heroic and victorious Vendrama at the end of an impressive solitary rush, the summary

Andrea Vendrame won the 19th stage of the Giro 2024 with a solo victory ahead of Pelayo Sanchez and Georg Steinhauser. In the general classification, no movement because the peloton rode at a very leisurely pace.

17:40 – The race summary

Andrea Vendrame wins the 19th stage of the Giro 2024. From kilometer 0, riders try to create a first breakaway. The pace is strong and big players like Mullen, Sheffield and Affini are trying to get out. But this first leading group will be taken back when starting an unlisted wall. Julian Alaphilippe takes the opportunity to counter and is accompanied by four other riders then very quickly nine with the return of several men like Narvaez, Bais, and Plapp. But that’s not all. Indeed, while the peloton lets the breakaway go, eight riders manage to rejoin the breakaway. In the first difficulty of the day, Julian Alaphilippe continues to impose his pace. The Frenchman puts in a lot of effort but others are largely up to par. Plapp, Steinhauser, Narvaez, Vendrame and Sanchez are in the running for the stage victory. The Italian Andrea Vendrame took advantage of the descent after the second ascent to make a hole and approach the final of this 19th stage alone in the lead. The Decathlon-AG2R la Mondiale runner will resist the very timid return of Pelayo Sanchez and Georg Steinhasuer who will finish in 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Within the peloton, the end of the stage was also lively and the first attacks took place. Rubio then Bardet tried but the action was stopped by the fall of Geraint Thomas because the favorites then waited for the Welshman to return. In the general classification, Tadej Pogacar is still well ahead.

5:30 p.m. – The peloton has just arrived!

More than a quarter of an hour after the arrival of the winner of this 19th stage of the Giro 2024, the peloton finishes.

17:23 – Fall of Thomas! (6km)

The Briton, 3rd overall, has just fallen within the peloton just after the change at the top. The other favorites for this 2024 Giro are awaiting the return of Geraint Thomas.

17:22 – Bardet attacks (6.5km)

The Frenchman is launching an attack of his own at the end of the 19th stage of the Giro 2024 which is coming to life a little in a peloton that is now completely fragmented.

17:21 – The peloton is still racing (7km)

At a very leisurely pace, the peloton is still in action in this 19th stage of the Giro 2024. Einer Rubio, despite everything, tries a shot in the finale.

17:15 – Sanchez takes second place

The Spaniard finished second, 55″ behind Andrea Vendrame. Georg Steinhauser completed the day’s podium in this 19th stage of the 2024 Giro.

17:14 – Vendrame wins alone!

What a brilliant victory for the Italian at home in this 19th stage of the Giro 2024. The Decathlon-AG2R la Mondiale rider wins among the outsiders of the day in an exceptional solo performance.

17:09 – Steinhauser left behind (3km)

The German struggles to keep pace with Sanchez in second position. The Spaniard sets a big pace on the descent and could grab a second place in this 19th stage of the 2024 Giro.

17:05 – Vendrame is heading towards victory! (6km)

The Italian now seems more than well on his way to winning this victory in the 19th stage of the Giro 2024. All that is missing is a slight descent and a small false flat before the release. Steinhauser and Sanchez are 1’10”.

17:02 – Impressive Vendrame (8km)

The Italian doesn’t give up, quite the contrary! Andrea Vendrame is 1’17” ahead of Sanchez and Steinhauser who are the closest to being able to snatch this victory which extends the arms to the Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale runner.

16:57 – The last 10 kilometers (10km)

Andrea Vendrame is 10km from a stage victory. The Italian is hanging on at home and is 3.7km from the end of this climb. Steinhauser takes him on the run and is right in front of Plapp, Alaphilippe, Sanchez and Narvaez.

16:54 – Steinhauser does it again (12km)

Already active from the start of this last climb of the day, the German once again tries to set off alone in pursuit of Vendrame. It’s stuck a little behind.

16:53 – Vendrame flies away (12km)

The chasing group lost time on the race leader and the Italian Andrea Vendrame. 1’20” ahead for the latter.

16:51 – Hermans hangs on (13km)

The Belgian is not really in his comfort zone in this finale of the 19th stage of the Giro 2024 but continues to hang on and is still in the chasing group.

16:49 – Steinhauser’s acceleration (13.5km)

This is the last moment to try to reach Vendrame and win in this 19th stage of the Giro 2024. Steinhauser and Narvaez accelerate to try to catch up with the Italian who still maintains his minute lead.

16:47 – Let’s go for the last climb! (14.5km)

Andrea Vendrame attacks Sappada with a 1’02” lead over the chasing group made up of six riders including Julian Alaphilippe.

16:44 – Vendrame close to a minute ahead (16.5km)

The Italian makes the difference in this 19th stage of the Giro 2024 before starting the last difficulty of the day. The group of hunters will have to redouble their efforts to catch up with Andrea Vendrame.

16:39 – The last 20 kilometers (20km)

Andrea Vendrame is 20km from the finish of this 19th stage of the Giro 2024. He is five kilometers from the final ascent and has a lead of 45″. The Italian is perhaps on his way to a great feat.

16:36 – The hunting group falls asleep (22.5km)

Andrea Vendrame takes advantage of the communication difficulties behind him in this 19th stage of the Giro 2024 to take around thirty seconds in advance.

16:33 – Hermans in the tough (24.5km)

The Belgian stalls at the front of the race. It may be difficult to come back for Quinten Hermans in this 19th stage of the 2024 Giro.

16:31 – The peloton on the descent (25km)

The UAE team places itself at the front of the peloton which passes 13′ after the leading group in a difficult descent and in the rain.

16:26 – Vendrame has broken away! (27km)

The Italian lost company to the leading group and took a small lead at the front of the race of this 19th stage of the Giro 2024. Narvaez and Alaphilippe are trying to come back after a perilous descent.

16:22 – Piccolo gives up after a big fall! (30.5km)

What a huge fall for the Italian who had been seen in this 2024 Giro. He was forced to abandon two days before the arrival in Rome.

16:18 – The switch to 7 (35.5km)

The winner of this 19th stage of the Giro 2024 should be in this breakaway of seven riders who have just started the descent which promises to be perilous with the rain. Alaphilippe, Narvaez, Sanchez, Hermans, Plapp, Steinhauser and Vendrame make up this breakaway.

4:15 p.m. – Conditions are getting tougher (36.5km)

The weather is getting darker and rain is falling on the roads of the Giro 2024. The leading group is affected by its bad weather conditions while the peloton is still rather warm with 11’25” behind.


The Giro d’Italia will follow the spring season and start on May 4. Arrival is scheduled three weeks later, on May 26.

The start of the Giro 2024 took place in Venaria Reale in the suburbs of Turin, near the Juventus Stadium. The arrival will be in Rome. Here is the list of steps:

Here are the results of the last 15 years of the Tour of Italy, called Giro d’Italia.



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