Direct. Handball. Relive the Sélestat – Cherbourg match live with commentary

Direct. Handball. Relive the Sélestat – Cherbourg match live with commentary
Direct. Handball. Relive the Sélestat – Cherbourg match live with commentary


Aurélien Rey

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May 24, 2024 at 8:27 p.m.
; updated May 24, 2024 at 10:08 p.m.

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There JS Cherbourg bowed to Selestat (32-29) in Proligue return damthis Friday May 24, 2024. Relive the match live with commentary.

Live commentary

End of the match: Sélestat – Cherbourg: 32-29. Logical defeat for the JSC, who chased the score throughout the match. The Mauves were not unworthy, but they dragged on this failed start and seemed to be physically exhausted, due to the lack of rotations. The season therefore ends this evening for the Cherbourgeois, who still achieved the objective set at the start of the championship.

60′: Basualdo finds the top corner, but the fate of the JSC is sealed… (31-29).

58′: Guemeida has fun, with a second personal goal (31-28).

57′: Van Ee buries the last hopes of a comeback (at least in this match) for the Mauves (31-27).

57′: Guemeida scores from close range, JSC fights until the end (30-27).

56′: Edu Fernandez Roura brings in the youngsters, like Spica Dalia (30-26).

54′: Bono scores in turn (28-25).

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54′: Vinatier continues to torment the Cherbourg defense, with an 11th goal (28-24).

53′: Selestat time out. Mass seems said for the Mauves, it is now a question of saving honor (27-24).

51′: Well served by Bono, Dupont-Marion does it again (27-24).

50′: Dupont-Marion scores on his wing (27-23).

49′: Abie Resende opens his counter this evening, but Vescovo answers for Sélestat (27-22).

48′: While the Cherbourg supporters, although largely in the minority, were the loudest until now, the Sélestat public finally woke up at the end of the match. Time out requested by Eduard Fernandez Roura (26-21).

46′: This time it seems bent. Sélestat has a four-goal lead, eight in total… (25-21).

45′: What a save from Quatrevaux, while Messager was at point blank range! (24-21).

44′: Léo Weber scores from the penalty spot and keeps JSC in the match (23-21).

43′: The goal of Estepa Ruiz (23-20). The Spaniard is then excluded for two minutes.

42′: Cherbourg is no longer able to score and sees its hopes diminish more and more (23-19).

40′: The Mauves fall back into their mistakes in terms of ball losses… (22-19).

39′: Sélestat widens the gap again, thanks to Jaeger on his wing (22-19).

38′: Two minutes for Cherbourgeois Guiraudou, and penalty won by Eymann (21-19).

37′: Estepa Ruiz is imperial from the penalty spot (20-19).

37′: First two-minute exclusion of the match, for Egermann (20-18).

36′: Estepa Ruiz scores with a powerful shot, but Vinatier, again, gives the Alsatians two lengths ahead (20-18).

34′: Vinatier also scores from the penalty spot and gives some breathing room to his team (19-17).

33′: Estepa Ruiz transforms his penalty and brings the JSC within a length, for the first time since… the 1-0 at the start of the match (18-17).

32′: Back in the cage, Nicolas Gauthier makes an entry save (18-16).

31′: Yanis Busselier scores the first goal of the second act (18-16).

9:18 p.m.: It’s back to Sélestat!

Half-time: Sélestat – Cherbourg: 18-15. Authors of a nightmarish start to the match, the Mauves always chased the score. After being down by six goals (11-5), they reacted well and reached the break with a deficit of three units. They will have to achieve a real feat if they want to qualify for the Final Four, since they now have to come back seven goals. Nicolas Gauthier (1 save) and Romain Quatrevaux (2 saves) are in difficulty against Tom Vinatier (8 goals) and Tanguy Thomas (5 goals).

29′: The gap is still two units, with goals from Vescovo then Guiraudou (16-14).

27′: Vinatier already scores his 7th goal, out of his team’s 15. Busselier responds immediately (15-13).

26′: Weber then Busselier keep the Mauves in the game (14-12).

25′: This devil from Vinatier gives Sélestat four steps ahead. Time out requested by Alsatian coach Laurent Busselier (14-10).

22′: Thomas stops the bleeding for Sélestat, but Guiraudou responds immediately (12-10).

21′: Yanis Busselier scores in turn. The JSC remains on a 4-0 (11-9).

20′: Cherbourg continues to chip away at its deficit, with a goal from the left wing of Léo Weber (11-8).

19′: Estepa Ruiz finds the top corner and the JSC reduces the gap a little (11-7).

16′: The atmosphere is good in Sélestat, where the Cherbourg supporters who made the trip are making themselves heard (11-6).

15′: Romain Quatrevaux, who took over from Nicolas Gauthier in the cage, made a first save (11-6).

14′: Vinatier scores twice in a few seconds and Sélestat takes off (11-5).

12′: Nicolas Gauthier made his first save of the evening, but Egermann followed well (9-5).

11′: The two teams go blow for blow, with goals from Thomas for Sélestat and Dupont-Marion for Cherbourg (8-5).

10′: Dupont-Marion goes on the counterattack and maintains the gap of three goals (7-4).

9′: Weber intelligently serves Basualdo, who scores from close range (6-3).

8′: Estepa Ruiz converts his penalty, but the JSC is still chasing the score (5-2).

7′: Dayann Lopez finally opens the Cherbourg counter (4-1).

6′: New goal from Sélestat, by Vinatier, and Edu Fernandez Roura already takes a timeout (4-0).

5′: It was Dupont-Marion’s turn to see his shot pushed back by the Alsatian goalkeeper. The nightmarish start to the match continues for the JSC, as Egermann scores straight away (3-0).

4′: Guiraudou then Busselier came up against Mathias, and the JSC remained silent at the start of the match (2-0).

2′: Sélestat already makes the break, with a second goal signed Vinatier (2-0).

1′: Egermann opened the scoring for Sélestat (1-0).

8:30 p.m.: Let’s go to Sélestat!

The teams

SELESTAT: Mathias, Gudjonnson – Pompon, Deloye, Messager, Mandic, Vescovo, Egermann, Vinatier, Plat, Van Ee, Weber, Jaeger, Thomas, Eymann, George. Coach: Laurent Busselier.

CHERBURG: Gauthier, Quatrevaux – Busselier, Bono, Abie Resende, Guiraudou, Dupont-Marion, Weber, Basualdo, Estepa Ruiz, Lopez, Jambres, Fossou Nana’s, Spica Dalia, Guemeida, Grange Aurelle. Coach: Eduard Fernandez Roura.

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