Couple guilty of murder and attempted murder after Hamilton ambush

In Hamilton court, Oliver Karafa and Lucy Li were found guilty of premeditated murder and attempted murder Friday following their trial in a drug deal gone wrong in 2021. Tyler Pratt was killed and his girlfriend, Jordyn Romano, had been injured in the trap set for them at Stoney Creek.

After 7 weeks of trial, the jury took less than a full day to reach a guilty verdict.

Sitting next to their respective lawyers, neither Karafa nor Li showed any emotion as they heard the jury’s verdict in the packed Hamilton courthouse courtroom.

The two Torontonians aged 31 and 28 respectively are automatically sentenced to life in prison with no right to parole for 25 years.

The judge Harrison Arrellof the Ontario Superior Court, described their actions as the most heinous violent crimes ever. He also noted that their victims, aged 39 and 26, Tyler Pratt And Jordyn Romanowere unarmed and did not suspect anything.

The trial showed that the two couples were friends and business partners. Karafa and Li attracted Pratt And Romano in a warehouse Stoney Creekin February 2021, under the pretext of an investment opportunity in cannabis cultivation.


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The two victims of the Karafa-Li couple, Tyler Pratt and Jordyn Romano.


Tyler Pratta father of two young children, had come from Vancouver to meet them hoping that Karafa would reimburse him for millions of dollars he had allegedly earned through other investments.

Gold, Oliver Karafa and Lucy Li didn’t have the money and were actually planning to eliminate them.

They succeeded in murdering the man but not his partner, who survived after being shot in the chest.

At the time, Jordyn Romano, who was 13 weeks pregnant, had crawled from the shed to the highway to call for help. However, her fetus did not survive.

Position of the two defenses

Karafa’s defense admitted during the hearings that his client had fired up to nine shots at Pratt And Romano.

She maintained, however, that the shooting was not premeditated, or even that its plan had been so poorly conceived that its intention did not meet the minimum definition of first-degree murder.

The defense ofOliver Karafa had suggested unpremeditated murder for the murder of Pratt and the acquittal for the attempted murder against Romano.


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Oliver Karafa and Lucy Li in an elevator in Toronto on March 1, 2021, a day after the deadly Stoney Creek ambush.


Lucy Li’s defense claimed that her client was naive, that her boyfriend had manipulated her, that she did not even know that he was going to kill anyone and that she should therefore be acquitted across the board.

The Crown, however, managed to prove that the couple had created and executed together a murderous and complex plot which collapsed when Jordyn Romano survived the tragedy.

The trial indicated that Tyler Pratt was an international drug trafficker who lived a lavish lifestyle while Oliver Karafa was a criminal entrepreneur with several schemes under his belt at the time.

>>Two Hungarian police officers hold Oliver Karafa by the arm during his arrest.>>

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Oliver Karafa, upon his arrest on March 30, 2022 in Budapest, Hungary.


Pratt had invested nearly half a million dollars in a personal protective equipment company that Karafa ran at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and expected a return of profits.

According to the Crown, Karafa and Li did not yet have the money, so they created various tactics to explain that they could still pay their victims before planning the double murder on February 28, 2021.

The murderers had fled to Europe when they discovered that Jordyn Romano had survived. They were finally arrested in Hungary a few months later and extradited to Canada.

>>Members of Tyler Pratt's family in the press scrum in Hamilton.>>

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From left: Tyler Pratt’s mother-in-law, Carrie Doyle; the victim’s father, Tracy Pratt; and her sister, Quiann Bulmer, outside Hamilton court.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Samantha Beattie

In his statement about the impact the attempted murder had on his life, Jordyn Romano said his physical and mental recovery is still continuing.

She explained that she suffers from anxiety and post-traumatic stress, pain and nerve damage.

My scars remind me every day that I survived what was supposed to destroy meshe said.

Members of the family of Tyler Prattof British Columbia, described him in court as a loving and protective father, brother and son in their respective statements.

With information from CBC



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