Weather for this Saturday, May 25: finally a pleasant day

Weather for this Saturday, May 25: finally a pleasant day
Weather for this Saturday, May 25: finally a pleasant day

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By Regis CREPET, meteorologist

Published on 05/24/24, updated on 05/25/24 at 00:00

The return of the sun is confirmed over three quarters of the country. Your feeling will finally become spring-like this afternoon. In certain regions, you really have to take advantage of it, because it won’t last.

Highlights of the day

– the sun, although veiled, is present over 3/4 of the country.

– the risk of flooding becomes very low, mainly concentrated from the east to the Alpine reliefs.

– temperatures cool down in the afternoon thanks to the sunshine and light wind, and finally return to seasonal levels.

This morning

Calm and dry weather reigns in our country, but patches of gray (low clouds and mists) are present in Champagne-Ardenne and the Center region. In the west, the sun is slowly veiling itself. Stormy clouds are budding at the end of the morning over the Alps and the Corsican mountains.

Minimum temperatures are falling slightly with relative coolness in the countryside and in the mountains. It is generally 5 to 10°C, and 11 to 15°C in large cities.

This afternoon

The sky is clouding over the Breton tip with the arrival of rain around 5 p.m. with moderate winds. To the east, scattered stormy showers break out from Lorraine to the Vosges, Franche-Comté and along the border Alps to Mercantour as well as on the Corsican mountains: be careful when hiking.

Everywhere else, with a veiled, slightly whitish sun, the weather is mild and spring-like, without wind.

Maximum temperatures are rising, becoming seasonal again, with 20 to 24°C from north to south, but only 15°C in Brest in the rain.


The rains from the northwest invade Brittany, Pays de la Loire then Normandy. The last showers break out near the eastern reliefs. The evening generally remains mild.

Further weather trend

Your Sunday will be cloudy again from the southwest to Belgium, with locally stormy showers, falling mainly north of the Seine. Clearings will return to the northwest. The veiled sun and mildness will continue over a small eastern and southeastern third, from Alsace to the Alps and around the Mediterranean. But be careful: storms will break out in these regions during the night from Sunday to Monday.

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