a day behind the scenes at the grand finale rehearsals

a day behind the scenes at the grand finale rehearsals
a day behind the scenes at the grand finale rehearsals

It’s almost D-day for the five finalists of the thirteenth season of “The Voice”. Saturday evening, Shanys, Baptiste Sartoria, Gabriel Lobao, Alphonse and Iris will compete for the very last time in the hope of being crowned the most beautiful voice in France. We attended their rehearsals at the Lendit studios, where the atmosphere was as studious as it was good-natured. Reporting.

Pressure is building behind the scenes The Voice. The five finalists of the singing competition are preparing to deliver their final performances on the stage of the Lendit studio in a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

Alphonse in duet with Marc Lavoine

Some are more anxious than others, like Alphonse, the youngest on the show. At only 17 years old, the teenager coached by Zazie had not imagined going this far in the adventure. “It’s always a surprise for me to be in the final. I’m obviously a little stressed but at the same time I want to succeed, to give my all and to share with the public,” he confides. he, a small smile on his lips. Behind this shyness, however, hides a full-fledged performer, a fan of the classics of the French repertoire.

Saturday evening, Alphonse will unsurprisingly defend himself on a title from the 1950s, I’m a snob by Boris Vian. The young man will also perform Every time, his new song with jazz sounds. Against all expectations, Alphonse refused the title that his coach Zazie had initially offered him, because he was a little too calm for his taste. “It was important for me to have something that swings and that really represents me. I wanted it to move! Having fun is also the principle of music,” he assures, sure of himself . Did Zazie take his refusal badly? “I’m not in her head! Maybe she took it the wrong way. It may seem pretentious but I know what I want”, answers Alphonse who will also have the chance to sing She has piercing eyes with Marc Lavoine on the evening of the final.

Oli very much on the rhythm

Behind him, the teams of The Voice are active around Iris, the surprise candidate of this final. Eliminated against Adnaé during the semi-final, the young woman was able to re-enter the competition thanks to the abandonment of her competitor. Pregnant with her first child, Adnaé, a naval engineer in Mozambique, did not want to take any risks for her baby by giving birth, for example, during her trip to Paris. And she did well! The 30-year-old gave birth to a baby boy this week, three days before the grand final of The Voice. “I find it super cool to be in her place for that reason. I would feel differently if she had given up because of something tragic. It’s great that Adnaé can experience this new adventure too,” says us Iris, aware of her chance to be in the final. “I’m the chef’s surprise!”, jokes the young woman who can count on the support of Bigflo and Oli.

The Toulouse rappers came to the Lendit studio to give him valuable advice before the big evening. Bigflo, very invested, doesn’t take his eyes off her for a second when she launches into the interpretation of As per usual, hit by Claude François. More discreet, but just as focused, Oli listens attentively to Iris. “He’s very particular about rhythm, he tells me not to run in front or behind,” the young singer confides to us after her rehearsals. At the same time, his coaches release the pressure and have fun on set. The atmosphere is good-natured, the rappers visibly confident for Saturday evening. Last year, the Toulouse team attended the final without any talent, all having been eliminated at the end of the semi-final. Will this year be theirs? Nothing is impossible and Iris will be able to prove herself alongside an international star who has already won Eurovision: Loreen, with whom she will perform the hit Tattoo.

Gabriel Lobao anxious about finishing the adventure

Gabriel Lobao will sing a duet with this year’s title holder, the Swiss Nemo. If the Mika finalist impatiently awaits this moment, he also fears the aftermath The Voice. “On Sunday, I’m going to be depressed because it’s the end of the adventure. We still lived through a year of The Voice from the first auditions to the final”, underlines the young man who left his life in London to present himself in front of the coaches. “On Sunday we will be crying in our bed telling ourselves that it is over and that we will never experience it again”, he adds, already nostalgic. Gabriel Lobao is however the little fool of the group, the one who we could hardly imagine to be melancholy… His unpublished title, In your eyes, is also the only song of the five finalists to be so festive. “We say to ourselves that the song can work, it is intoxicating and danceable. As summer is coming, it can do it,” confides the young prodigy whose resemblance to Mika is striking. Same slender figure, same curly brown hair and same whimsical style… The two looked great!

Shanys’ rage to win

The same alchemy operates between Camille Lellouche and Shanys. Sitting on one of the red armchairs, the comeback coach encourages her finalist, hoisted on a platform resembling a stone wall. Even in rehearsals, Shanys does not spare her voice. Her vocal power makes the stage shake, but the 23-year-old hairdresser is exhausted. “Since this morning we have only been singing,” she says into her microphone, before asking for a glass of water. Shanys has the rage to win and we understand why: eliminated in the cross battles, the candidate was saved by Camille Lellouche and won The Voice: comeback, the show’s new side competition. She reintegrates The Voice in the end more boosted than ever. “It’s a pride to be here because Camille Lellouche believed in my talent. During this final, I want to show what she believed in. I am in a hurry to show the comeback in all power.” Saturday evening, Shanys will be able to show the extent of her vocal abilities by reprising Hurt by Christina Aguilera. “People don’t realize how hard this song is,” Camille Lellouche tells him. Another big challenge for Shanys: a duet with Lara Fabian on You are my other.

After Shanys and Camille Lellouche, Vianney and Baptiste Sartoria arrive on the set. The interpreter of Father in law, all smiles, is accompanied by his wife, the cellist Catherine Robert, comfortably seated in a red armchair. Vianney’s pride is easily read on his face: Baptiste, his foal, made it to the final. “It’s a miracle,” concedes the main person who took part in The Voice “on a whim”. Saturday evening, he will defend himself on My dream, a melancholic ballad written especially for him by Vianney, and which speaks of the irrepressible desire to become an artist. Earn The Voice would reinforce him in this project as crazy as it is ambitious. But who will succeed Aurélien Vivos? Who will hold up the trophy for this thirteenth season? Answer tomorrow evening…



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