Is it outdated in 2024 to redo your website?

Is it outdated in 2024 to redo your website?
Is it outdated in 2024 to redo your website?

A few days ago, I was chatting with Bertrand Maux, CEO of the MO&JO agency, who was talking to me about the launch of their new site and brought back to me a golfing story from the previous century.

Golf fingers

In 1997, at the end of the last century, I participated with a certain pride now that I think back, in the very competitive Golf Grand Prix of the Racing Club de France on the Boulie course in Versailles. I was then obsessed with choosing, in disorder and certainly not exhaustively, my grip, my alignment, my choice of clubs, and so on and the best. So I had only listened carefully to the discussions that my two partners of the day might have. First mistake. When you have the opportunity to play on one of the most exclusive courses in France, it is paradoxically recommended to forget your swing for a few hours to take an interest in your current neighbors who for some obscure reason agree to mix with you for a few hours. At worst they will be an annuitant, an investment banker or even a lawyer and in any case they will know someone well, who due to a misunderstanding could be interested in what you do or who you are. For the record, my discovery of ESCP began precisely on a golf course and that is how I was able to find myself on the path to this beautiful school but that is another story.

Weg Agency

That day in June 1997, my two colleagues of the day talked about the Internet, which at the time was not really common. The first, note that in these stories of network discussions, there is always one who talks and another who listens and generally it is better to be interested in the silent one, told how he developed through from its Web Agency websites for clients, each more prestigious than the other. Already a visionary, this seemed pointless to me. Second mistake. At the time, it was indeed the mega hype of the trend to be involved in this type of business but you still had to know it. As a particularly seasoned digital professional, here is my advice of the day: if you have the opportunity this year to play golf or pétanque with a real AI specialist, don’t hesitate when in doubt. to lend an ear.


At the time, I understood it a few months later, we were going to look on the internet for a sort of precursor type visibility, a bit like the metaverse but less far-fetched because we already had the minitel. Nothing was happening, no one was there but it was still pretty damn cool to have an address that started with http://www. A few days ago, I was chatting with Bertrand Maux, CEO of the MO&JO agency who was talking to me about the launch of their new site and this story of a missed opportunity at the La Boulie golf course immediately came to mind. In 2024, are we really still favoring this medium when it comes to schematically presenting a brand, especially BtoB? And the answer was, after a not very long reflection, of course yes!

Carrefour Market

Since 1997, digital channels have multiplied (seriously?) and without going through what would be a somewhat boring catalog, we cannot help but think of the mobile revolution, the objectively successful development of social networks and, by extension, all these formats which could have made this good old website outdated. It has obviously been modernized, it has become mobile friendly and above all perfectly understandable by any basic golfer that you are because personally I am super strong. The feat is therefore no longer technical and it is therefore a question of emphasizing the content, the messages. Bertrand explained to me that their site has obviously become a showcase of their expertise, but also a crossroads which will direct its visitor towards different associated supports such as YouTube videos, a Linkedin account, customer testimonials, etc., in short content distributed a little everywhere, but which illustrate the messages and values ​​presented on the site in question.

Reveal your Mojo!

In 2024, the website of a BtoB brand is essential, because it allows not only to show what we know how to do but also to collect leads. Above all, it has become this space of expression, where we reveal our MOJO as Bertrand would say. We have all the tools at our disposal, and I’m not even talking about AI, so we no longer have any excuse for failing to express added value, a service, a product or more simply the reason for being of a brand or company. Long life to the website!

PS: at Ratecard, we are also launching our new site. A coincidence ? I do not think so.



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