In Gien, a day dedicated to citizenship, on the theme of the Olympic Games

In Gien, a day dedicated to citizenship, on the theme of the Olympic Games
In Gien, a day dedicated to citizenship, on the theme of the Olympic Games

Like last year, the city of Gien will offer a citizens’ day, Saturday May 25, with activities for young people around the Olympic Games and solidarity with the elderly.

Like every year for three years now, the town hall of Gien, in collaboration with the municipal youth council, is participating in the national movement that is Citizens’ Day. For this 2024 edition, the theme is obvious, since it is the Olympic Games which will be in the spotlight during the day.

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On this occasion, Gien is mobilizing to offer entertainment to those who will participate in this day. “We will meet with the participants on Place Jean-Jaurès at 10 a.m. A creation workshop will be set up around the theme of the Olympic Games. There will therefore be the manufacture of decorative objects for the day action on July 10 We will also have the making of Olympic torches, as well as Olympic ring garlands”, explains Simone Pingot, deputy for citizenship and living together.

A day of promoting solidarity

This day is also an excellent way to promote solidarity among citizens through an action at the Gien nursing home. “The aspect of solidarity is important and every year we want to work with the nursing home or even the day reception centers, as was the case last year. Thus, we will go to the nursing home, at 2:30 p.m., in order to offer residents a karaoke activity, followed by a small snack”, explains Simone Pingot.

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Thus, this citizens’ day will allow participants to fully invest in the life of the city. A participation which seems to convince Simone Pingot: “We should have around twenty people in the morning, and just as many in the afternoon, as far as those who have registered are concerned. Despite everything, if people wish to join us in the day without having registered, it is still possible and we would be delighted to have them among us”, continues the assistant.

Same number of participants

This citizens’ day is a logical continuation of what has been put in place in recent years. The event is also well received by the participants.

“For two years, we have had excellent feedback from Citizens’ Day. We should have roughly the same number of people as for 2023. This kind of event is an intergenerational mix and a good way to so that people meet and exchange with each other”

The day which therefore allows people to meet each other, but also to highlight volunteering, especially for the youngest.

“We have a lot of young people who participate every year, and that’s a good thing. But it’s not just young people, some parents also accompany their children. This day remains a good way for these young people to participate in the carrying out city projects but also to become aware of what volunteering is.”

Simone Pingot (Assistant for citizenship and living together in Gien)

Second edition of the Open Stage
From 2 p.m., the Gien auditorium will host the second edition of the Open Stage. The opportunity to come and enjoy budding talents who will perform during the afternoon. In total, eleven groups or people will present themselves to the public, all with very eclectic backgrounds. “We will therefore have eleven different events, with cabaret, theatrical improvisation, stand-up, musical concerts, and numerous performances around song. We will thus have a duo performing French song, but also rap, folk, gospel and even Creole songs. In addition, there will be a workshop which will be held from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. around gospel and Creole songs,” explains Mathieu Duchêne, business director. cultural in Gien. The event, open to all, will close at 8:30 p.m.

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