who was the Franco-Mexican Orion Hernández-Radoux whose body was found in Gaza?

who was the Franco-Mexican Orion Hernández-Radoux whose body was found in Gaza?
who was the Franco-Mexican Orion Hernández-Radoux whose body was found in Gaza?

Franco-Mexican Orión Hernández-Radoux, father of a two-year-old girl, was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 during the Tribe of Nova music festival. His lifeless body was found in Gaza, the Israeli army announced this Friday, May 24.

He only sought happiness, he experienced horror. The body of Orión Hernández-Radoux was recovered by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip on the night of Thursday May 23 to Friday May 24, at the same time as that of two other hostages. This 32-year-old Franco-Mexican was kidnapped during the unprecedented October 7 attacks by Hamas in Israel while he was participating in the “Tribe of Nova” electronic music festival.

Orión Hernández-Radoux, father of a two-year-old daughter, was passionate about music. He was a producer himself and organized events.

He was particularly fond of psytrance, a genre of electronic music. “He was promoting the indigenous Mexican art of the Huichole people (people living in west-central Mexico, Editor’s note), which is psychedelic in nature and therefore popular on the psytrance scene,” one of his relatives confided to Le Figaro .

“Having a deep love for music and dance, he worked as a music producer and visited festivals around the world,” the Hostage Families Forum also reported in a statement.

The boyfriend of Shani Louk, also kidnapped and killed

A few days before going to Israel, this thirty-year-old, originally from Tepozotlán in Mexico, was in Greece. He was working on his own music festival there. It was also from Greece that he spoke for the last time with his mother, Marie-Pascale Radoux, a painter living in Tarn who gave him French nationality.

“I spoke to him a few days before on the phone, and he was in Greece. When I received a call from friends telling me that he had disappeared, that he was in Israel, I was not even “I didn’t know about it. I was immediately very scared,” she told BFMTV last December.

Orión Hernández-Radoux had traveled to Israel two days before the attacks with a “group of friends who were touring the summer festival circuit,” according to Le Figaro. He notably joined his German-Israeli girlfriend, Shani Louk. Both went to the “Tribe of Nova” festival, which took place for the first time in the Negev desert five kilometers from the border with Gaza, to see DJs from all over the world. A festival that has since become the symbol of the October 7 massacres.

At 6:30 a.m. this Saturday, the lives of this couple and the 3,000 other festival-goers were turned upside down. Hamas terrorists caused carnage. In total, more than 360 people were killed by the Palestinian Islamist movement on this festive ground. Some were taken hostage, like Orión Hernández-Radoux and Shani Louk.

This 22-year-old young woman, recognizable by her tattoos and her long black dreadlocks dyed blonde at the ends, appeared in a video circulating on social networks. In the images, the young woman is lying face down in the back of a pickup truck, half naked and unconscious. Sitting around her, armed men parade through the streets of the Gaza Strip. One pulls his hair, a young man next to the vehicle spits on his bloody head. Shani Louk’s death was announced on October 30 and his body repatriated by the Israeli army a week ago, on May 17. According to Israeli President Isaac Herzog, she was beheaded.

His parents held out hope of seeing him alive again.

During the attack, Orión Hernández-Radoux apparently tried to flee in a vehicle but was caught by Hamas members near Mefalsim, recalls La Croix.

His body was discovered in Jabaliya, in the north of the Gaza Strip, during a joint operation carried out by the army and the Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence services. According to an IDF spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, he was “assassinated during the attack on October 7” and then his body “removed” afterwards.

Until now his mother, Marie-Pascale Radoux, had held out hope of seeing her son alive again. Last December, she asked BFMTV “in what conditions” he lives, “if he has enough to eat, how he sleeps”.

“He had a fragility in his digestive system, so it’s worrying,” she said.

In January, she launched an appeal to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas, asking for “a ceasefire” and for the kidnappers to “take care of [son] son”.

His Mexican father, Sergio Hernández, was also confident last January. “There is obviously hope since since October 7 it has been assumed that he is alive because (his friends) spoke to a person from Hamas who said that Orion was alive, that he was being held prisoner and that he was going to serve as an exchange for political purposes,” he then explained to the CNN en Español channel.

Orión Hernández-Radoux is the 43rd French victim of the attack by Hamas terrorists carried out on October 7. In one of his photos, paraded in the media, we can see a tattoo written in Arabic on his chest: Iyana. “Probably the name of his granddaughter,” according to the journalist Meriem Laribi.

Two French hostages, Ofer Kalderon and Ohad Yahalomi, have now remained detained for more than seven months. In total, 121 hostages or bodies of victims kidnapped by Hamas are still detained in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli army.

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