This mother wins a crazy amount of money in the Lotto and makes an unexpected decision, “I’m going to pay…”

This mother plays and wins the jackpot at the Loto

Lerynne West is a single mom of three from Iowa. She succeededfeat to hit the Powerball jackpot $349 million. She could have spent that money lavishly and lived the life of her dreams. But Lerynne West chose a different path. What makes her story truly extraordinary is what she did with that fortune.

Indeed, Lerynne West, newly owner of her first house, had the chance to realize all her wildest wishes thanks to her colossal fortune. But she opted for a different path. She created the Callum Foundation in tribute to his deceased nephew and gave generously $500,000 to the Travis Mills Foundation, an organization that supports veterans. “ My father was a Vietnam veteran. I come from a long line of people who served in the military. For me, it is very important to never forget the sacrifices that our soldiers and their families make for our country”confided the mother of three children during a press conference.

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A decision that will transform his life

Lerynne West amazes with her humility and dignity. She explained that money had transformed her life, but especially that of others. Even though she decided to retire at the age of 51, Lerynne West said she would live a ” as normal as possible ». She also promised to continue using her foundation to help those who need it most, because for her, it is the best way to pay tribute to the incredible luck she has had.

But Lerynne West hasn’t forgotten hers either! In addition to being extremely generous towards others, she also took care of her family by paying the University studies of all his grandchildren. But that’s not all ! She also bought a car spacious enough to take them to school herself. “ I’m going to pay for college for all my grandchildren and buy a car big enough to drive them to school myself.”she said.

She couldn’t believe her eyes!

Yet Lerynne West never imagined her life would change overnight. While she was quietly having a quick meal and a coffee with her sister, she bought the famous lottery ticket purely out of chance. The next morning she received a call from a friend who told him that someone had won the Powerball in Iowa. And that someone was her!

photo credit: YouTube

But when Lerynne West couldn’t get her hands on her lottery tickets, she started to panic. Fortunately, his sister found them on the ground in his truck and sent a photo of the numbers to the lucky winner. When the latter compared the numbers to those of the winning drawshe couldn’t believe her eyes!



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