The day after his debate with Jordan Bardella, Gabriel Attal judges that “the masks have fallen”

The day after his debate with Jordan Bardella, Gabriel Attal judges that “the masks have fallen”
The day after his debate with Jordan Bardella, Gabriel Attal judges that “the masks have fallen”

The president of the National Rally Jordan Bardella and Prime Minister Gabriel Attal debated Thursday evening on France 2, two weeks before the European elections.

It is an “important” debate, in the opinion of Gabriel Attal, which took place Thursday evening. The Prime Minister returned this Friday, May 24, to his confrontation the day before on France 2 with the lead candidate of the National Rally in the European elections, Jordan Bardella.

During this debate “obviously expected” by the French, Gabriel Attal believes that “the masks have fallen”. He tackled his opponent, for example on a proposal for “national priority” for public procurement, which would give the advantage to French companies in obtaining public contracts.

According to Gabriel Attal, Jordan Bardella was “forced to admit” that his proposal “will lead tens of thousands of French companies to be deprived of contracts in other European countries”.

“Yesterday I gave examples of companies which employ French employees in France for public contracts which they have obtained in other European countries”, he repeated, believing that the RN’s proposal ” would cut off their legs.”

He also attacked Jordan Bardella’s “double border” proposal, saying “that in the end, we still have not understood what it meant”.

The two camps present “two opposing visions”

Unsurprisingly, the Prime Minister once again insisted on the opposition between “two radically different visions”. On the one hand, according to him, that of the RN “which seems to consider that we will be stronger by isolating ourselves, by withdrawing into ourselves”. And on the other that of the Renaissance list which, according to him, defends the idea “that we will be stronger with our European partners”.

A duality also maintained by Sébastien Chenu. The RN deputy was invited to react to the debate. He also denounced on BFMTV a “kind of fanatical Europeanism which only sees Europe as federalist, restrictive, where Jordan Bardella sees it as having to be at the service of nations, which it is not today “.

The Prime Minister considered that this debate had made it possible to confront these two visions “democratically” and “respectfully”. On the conditions in which the two politicians clashed, the RN deputy Sébastien Chenu joins him.

“The debate on form was worthy,” the latter declared on BFMTV-RMC.

On the merits, however, the vice-president of the RN denounced a Prime Minister “incapable of taking responsibility for an assessment”. Finally, Sébastien Chenu accused Gabriel Attal of “lying”, particularly on the Fessenheim file or on the cost of Europe.

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