Current prices of ferry and plane tickets, “brakes” for the return to the country of MRE –

LAt a meeting held recently in Tangier, the Moroccan-Spanish joint committee in charge of the maritime transit operation discussed the arrangements necessary to ensure smooth passage of members of the diaspora to their country of origin. Despite efforts to ensure a hassle-free journey, the cost of tickets remains a major concern. Many believe that the prices applied during this period are not affordable for all families and could even force them to cancel their trips.

Questioned by our colleagues from HespressFatima Belarbi, a Moroccan residing in France, emphasizes that “the prices charged generally cause concern among many families wishing to visit the country, because they are often excessively high during this period”. She adds that for families made up of several members, the costs can become prohibitive, to the point that some prefer to turn to alternative tourist destinations such as Turkey or Greece, where the offers are more attractive.

Mustapha Nadhif, residing in Italy, shares this concern by affirming Hespress that “Coming to Morocco for Eid al-Adha or school holidays is a tradition that we have held on to for years. However, the continued rise in transport ticket prices makes this practice increasingly difficult”. He calls for agreements between the government and transport companies to offer preferential rates, stressing that “this concerns millions of Moroccans in the diaspora, and current prices are a real obstacle”.

For his part, Mohamed Abdeljalil, Minister of Transport and Logistics, recognized that the increase in ticket prices is linked to the law of supply and demand. However, he assured that his ministry has made national and international shipping companies aware of the need to reduce rates.

Kacem Achhaboun, a Moroccan living in the Netherlands, adds that “ticket prices, whether plane or ferry, are often unsuitable for family budgets”. He recalls that past royal initiatives had made it possible to facilitate access to the country at reasonable prices, and calls for new measures in this direction to prevent the diaspora from turning away from Morocco in favor of other destinations.



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