Michel Cymes reacts to the rescue of “Health Magazine”

Michel Cymes reacts to the rescue of “Health Magazine”
Michel Cymes reacts to the rescue of “Health Magazine”

“I don’t know why Health magazine had to stop and I don’t know why it continues either”began Michel Cymes, interviewed during a press conference (organized around the future broadcast of France 2 , He who sleeps loses!) on the rescue of the France Télévisions show.

The doctor and host, who was at the helm of this health meeting from 1998 to 2018 alongside Marina Carrère d’Encausse, said in any case ” very happy “ : “We have done a lot to explain that we cannot deprive ourselves of health in the public service. Especially at a time when fake news and conspiracy are invading us and knowing that health remains the second or third most important subject for the French. We didn’t really understand the decision to stop the show so we are very happy that it continues. »

The “Health Magazine” finally saved

As a reminder, it was initially noted that The Health Magazine will not be renewed mainly due to a decline in audience (below 400,000 viewers at the start of the 2023 school year) but also a desire by management to reinternalize production. In fact, the show is not produced by the public service group, it is a June 17 media production, a production company attached to Newen France, itself a subsidiary of the TF1 group.

Since September 2021, Marina Carrère d’Encausse has officiated alone at the head of the show broadcast on France 5 surrounded by several columnists including journalist Rym Ben Ameur in a new formula and Jimmy Mohamed.

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From now on, it is the latter who will now present the magazine on a daily basis. “It will continue with Jimmy, who is an excellent doctor, an excellent presenter and a very good popularizer and who will take up the torch without any problem, rejoiced Michel Cymes. I hope that the magazine will continue to perform and above all to inform. We need health information other than from charlatans who talk nonsense. We are very happy that there has been this change of decision on the part of France Télé. »

“We can laugh even when it comes to health”

The former presenter also looked back on his years presenting the daily meeting, in particular on his humor, which he himself describes as “carabine” : “The success of Health magazinebut also Take care of yourself And Extraordinary Powers, it all relies a lot on laughter. And I believe that this is modestly what we were able to bring with Marina [Carrère d’Encausse] in the field of health on TV. We have shown that we can laugh, we can smile when it comes to health. As long as you respect patients, as long as you respect people affected by an illness, there is no problem. » And to conclude: “If I had to present the Health magazine today I would do the exact same thing. »

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Production, for its part, recalled that the evolution of the magazine would be “quietly, we should not expect a revolution” and that at the same time, Marina Carrère d’Encausse will continue, next season, to produce content relating to health on France Télévisions channels.



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