VIDEO. These students from Pays de Bray hosted a live television set

VIDEO. These students from Pays de Bray hosted a live television set
VIDEO. These students from Pays de Bray hosted a live television set


Sébastien Aliome

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May 24, 2024 at 1:41 p.m.

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The students of Pays de Bray High School from Neufchâtel-en-Bray (Seine-Maritime) have taken over the small screen.

Indeed, as part of an innovative educational project, students in the second vocational class SAPAT (Services for People and Territories) participated in a WebTV (Internet television) live this week.

Two live broadcasts

This project, launched in September 2023 and carried out in collaboration with Normandy Youth Reporterallowed high school students to develop skills in communication and journalismwhile highlighting local initiatives and services to people.

The first live broadcast of this WebTV took place on Wednesday May 22, 2024 with a press conference.

For around fifteen minutes, several young people led a discussion around this great project under the gaze of different cameras.

Improve the project by moving towards audiovisual

On the set, we found Frédéric Foiry And Mégane Haleuxthe two directors of the Pays de Bray Professional Agricultural High School, Geoffrey Cognet, history-geography teacher very involved in this action with Cécile Cartron, socio-cultural teacher.

We have already worked on paper formats and we wanted to go further and further improve the project by switching to audiovisual format. Our goal is to advance students in journalism, media, and video.

Geoffrey Cognet

A good tool for stress management

On this set, we of course found students, including Maëllee, Liloo and Louis (as well as Chloé in management) who, with a certain confidence, animated the sequence live.

Videos: currently on -

It brings us ease and allows us to overcome our shyness. It’s really a good tool for stress management and it opens up curiosity.

A TV set provided by students from the Lycée du Pays de Bray. ©Le Réveil

And for good reason, in addition to presenting this program, the students worked on reports related to health such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease, but also on domestic violence.

Young people took up strong current issues, which developed empathy and investment in them. These themes highlight the personal service, support and care sector.

The management team

The next day, Thursday May 23, was the big day with a live broadcast from the Agora of the Brassens high school in Neufchâtel, guests on site and broadcast of reports (see the video above).

“This project will have allowed students to use digital tools, to experience live animation with cameras and microphones, and to come into contact with the professional world. We only get positive things from it,” concludes the history and geography professor.

The videos can be found on the “Reporter Normandie Jeunes” YouTube channel.

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