two injured after the explosion of a grenade thrown from a scooter

two injured after the explosion of a grenade thrown from a scooter
two injured after the explosion of a grenade thrown from a scooter

Two individuals threw a grenade into an empty car Thursday evening in Aubervilliers. Two passers-by were injured, one of whom had his arm badly injured. An investigation has been opened.

Two people were injured on the evening of Thursday May 23 in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) after the explosion of a grenade, BFMTV learned from a police Source.

Two individuals on scooters threw a grenade towards a Nissan Micra vehicle, empty of any occupants. The grenade is believed to be an M52 type and a pin and a spoon were found near the scene of the incident.

A man seriously injured in the arm, his life threatening

The explosion caused a crowd movement in the street. One of the injured people, a man who was passing by on a bicycle at the same time, was seriously injured in the arm and had significant wounds on his face. The man, father of a young child, was going to play sports at the time of the explosion.

He was evacuated to the Pitié-Salpétrière hospital with a life-threatening prognosis. This Friday morning, the Bobigny public prosecutor’s office specifies that the victim was operated on during the night. According to our information, his vital prognosis is still engaged.

Another victim, a passerby on the sidewalk, suffered a broken finger. She was transported to Avicenna hospital, without any life-threatening conditions. In addition to the two victims, the explosion caused damage to several surrounding vehicles and the facade of a restaurant.

According to a police Source at BFMTV, through fragments were found 15 meters away in a kebab restaurant. “It’s miraculous that there were so few injuries,” adds the same Source.

A Yugoslav-made grenade

According to the first elements collected, the two injured people appear to be collateral victims. As for the car, it belongs to two people who were visiting friends on the street in question.

The grenade, a defensive model and manufactured by Yugoslavia, is considered a particularly dangerous model. Police officers specializing in the fight against drug trafficking in Seine-Saint-Denis regularly find them during seizures.

An investigation was opened into charges of attempted murder and possession of a category A weapon. It was entrusted to investigators from the departmental judicial police service of Seine-Saint-Denis. Two suspects are currently being sought after fleeing.

Stéphane Sellami with Martin Regley

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