What price for the restyled BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé and i4?

After only three years of service, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé and i4 received a slight update at the Beijing Motor Show in China. Retouches are minimal to the exterior, with modified daytime running lights and Laser technology taillights shared with the M4 CSL and M4 CS, while the M440i variants’ grille is revised and the choices of body colors and rims are more numerous. Likewise, a new 340 hp electric motor associated with xDrive all-wheel drive is available on the i4 sedan.

We knew almost everything about these two restyled models, apart from the prices which were estimated at more than €55,000. BMW almost proves us wrong, since the 4 Series Gran Coupé starts at €54,200 in 184 hp gasoline (420i) or €59,700 in 190 hp diesel, necessarily associated with xDrive all-wheel drive. Compared to the model before restyling, we therefore notice a slight drop for the 420i gasoline which required €54,650 (i.e. €450 difference). The 420d xDrive diesel requires just €100 more since it was priced at €57,600 in this version. On the other hand, the 420d propulsion version has disappeared from the catalog. At the top of the range, the six-cylinder diesel 430d xDrive with 286 hp is priced at €66,700 (+ €2,350), while the most powerful petrol engine, the M440i xDrive with 374 hp, is priced at starting from €76,000 instead of €74,150, being only available on the M Sport finish.

M Sport finishes increase on electric

On the electric side, the BMW i4 starts at €57,550 for entry-level eDrive35 with 286 hp. The 340 hp eDrive40 variant costs €63,950 in propulsion version, while the new 401 hp xDrive40 version requires €67,450. The entry-level “i4” finishes keep exactly the same price as before the restyling, while the M Sport versions ask €4,100 more for the smallest engines, and €1,400 more for the most powerful variant. , the i4 M50 xDrive with 544 hp. Only available in M ​​Sport finish, it starts at €78,600 instead of €77,200 before restyling. But compared to the Series 4 M440i (still less powerful!), it has the advantage of avoiding the penalty thanks to the electric motor.

Prices for the restyled BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (May (2024)

Price (in €) Series 4 M Sport
420i 184 hp 54,200 58,350
M440i xDrive 374 hp 76,000
420d xDrive 190 hp 59,700 63,850
430d xDrive 286 hp 66,700 70,850

Prices of the restyled BMW i4 (May 2024)

Price (in €) i4 M Sport
i4 eDrive35 286 hp 57,550 61,650
i4 eDrive40 340 hp 63,950 68,050
i4 xDrive40 401 hp 67,450 71,550
i4 M50 xDrive 544 hp 78,600

Photo: DR.

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To sum up

BMW reveals prices for its restyled 4 Series Gran Coupé and i4 a few weeks earlier at the Beijing Motor Show. As expected, the two models start at more than €54,000 and are available in numerous engines, including a new one.



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