investigators deliver final report

More than three years after the terrible accident which cost the life of a cyclist in Paris in December 2021, the experts have finally delivered their final conclusions. And the Tesla Model 3 involved in the collision would in fact not be responsible.

Tesla Model 3 (2024) // Source: Robin Wyck for Frandroid

Since its inception, Tesla has continued to be criticized for its Autopilot autonomous driving system, accused of being more dangerous than it seems.

A terrible accident in Paris

Thus, the firm has been in the crosshairs of American justice for many years, while a trial is even currently underway in the United States following a fatal accident. But the manufacturer is also at the heart of‘an important business in Europe, and more precisely in France. And for good reason, in December 2021, a Model 3 was directly involved in a serious accident, which caused one death and no less than 21 injuries. A collision which occurred at the intersection of rue de Tolbiac, in the 13th arrondissement.

But what happened? The driver, a taxi driver, was reportedly the victim of a problem with his car, whose brake pedal would not have worked, while the accelerator remained blocked. The vehicle ended its journey in a Vélib’ station and a glass container, which exploded under the force of the impact. A traffic light was also completely destroyed in the mad rush of the electric sedan, which also hit a van.

Following this tragic event, the G7 taxi company, for which the 60-year-old driver worked, took the decision toban the circulation of Tesla Model 3 of his fleet, and subsequently decided to reinstate them a few months later. At the same time, the manufacturer spoke out, affirming that an accelerator failure was simply not possible. A statement supported by the government, which indicated confidence in the American company’s cars.

But more than three years after the events, where are we? Well it seems that the manufacturer was right. In any case, this is what the journalists of the Parisian, who explain that the criminal research institute of the national gendarmerie has officially released its final report on the fatal accident. And the latter leaves no room for the slightest doubt, since it simply reveals thatthere was no car failure during this collision.

A car out of cause

So, the latter is completely exonerated, as well as the manufacturer who was completely cleared in the context of this affair. Enough to reassure owners, while a serious accident also took place in China at the end of 2022. Especially since other brands have already had similar problems with stuck accelerator pedals, such as Toyota in the late 2000s, among others. But this is clearly not the case for the American firm.

On the other hand, the investigators noted “discrepancies” in the driver’s speech taxi driver, still indicted under judicial supervision. The latter is in fact accused of “ manslaughter and unintentional injury by land motor vehicle ”, and had filed a complaint against Tesla following the accident. Throughout the hearings, the latter continued to maintain that the brakes of his car had refused to work despite his attempts. But the specialists who examined the vehicle did not “ nothing found that could support this version » according to Le Parisien.

The driver now incurs up to five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros if his guilt is proven. For her part, her lawyer denounces a hasty assessment and requests a new one, while Tesla has not commented on the subject. The manufacturer continues to communicate on the safety of its vehicles, and in particular of its Autopilot system, which however would not be involved in the accident which took place in Paris. The firm had notably proven at the start of the year that its cars drove better alone than with a human being at the controls.



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