The ENS closes part of its premises following an encampment set up by pro-Palestinian activists

The ENS closes part of its premises following an encampment set up by pro-Palestinian activists
The ENS closes part of its premises following an encampment set up by pro-Palestinian activists

L’ENS Ulm est obligée de fermer ses portes. À la suite d’une nouvelle mobilisation en faveur de la Palestine, la prestigieuse École normale supérieure de Paris a informé ses élèves par mail, que l’accès au bâtiment situé au 45 rue d’Ulm sera désormais défendu.

Dans son message l’école indique que « la cour aux Ernest [située sur le campus principal de l’ENS NDLR] has been occupied since Tuesday noon by a mobilization committee for Palestine”. She specifies that she had “multiple exchanges” with the “different delegations of representatives since then” and that these discussions “unfortunately did not bring about an end to the occupation.”

Serious security risk

“With the dialogue now interrupted, which we greatly regret, the continued occupation poses serious security risks, and we have taken the decision to close the building at 45 rue d’Ulm”, continues the establishment. It specifies on its site that students who live on campus will be able to continue to access it from 5:30 p.m. this Thursday, May 23 and until the occupation is lifted.

The institution informs its students that “course activities, seminars, conferences cannot be held at 45 rue d’Ulm for the duration of the closure” and indicates that she works “to the relocation of activities”.

Management states that it is “fully aware of the significance of this decision.” However, she says she is confident that the students will understand that she “appears necessary as part of a peaceful settlement of this occupation.”

Speakers from outside the ENS

According to Victor*, an ENS student interviewed by Le Figaro, the occupation declared on Tuesday consists of around ten tents set up in the school courtyard. “The activists also set up a stand with Palestinian flags and banners”reports the normalien who specifies that some of the participants “wore keffiyehs”. Victor, who visited the scene on Wednesday and Thursday, indicates that the activists “there were rarely more than twenty around the camp”but that some people, obviously “external to the ENS”, had improvised “a conference in English in front of their classmates”

Disbanded group in Germany speaks out

For its part, the right-wing student union Uni denounces the presence of Samidoun activists at the ENS, a pro-Palestinian organization dissolved last November in Germany for its anti-Semitic positions. According to a press release issued by the union, “many posters of this association are displayed” at the ENS. The Uni also shared photos of the posters. We can read decolonial slogans such as: “Algeria has won, Palestine will win” or “freedom for Palestinian prisoners”.

According to the Uni, posters with decolonial slogans were distributed at the ENSUnited

In its press release, the UNI calls on the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin and the Minister of Higher Education Sylvie Retailleau “ENS, an elite school, must not become a breeding ground for Islamism and anti-Semitism”alerts the union.

*The first name has been changed



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