Attal-Bardella debate: “The Prime Minister won on points, but Bardella is not KO”, according to Alba Ventura

Attal-Bardella debate: “The Prime Minister won on points, but Bardella is not KO”, according to Alba Ventura
Attal-Bardella debate: “The Prime Minister won on points, but Bardella is not KO”, according to Alba Ventura

If the debate was particularly lively on Thursday, May 23 in the evening between Gabriel Attal and the head of the National Rally list Jordan Bardella, the advantage goes to the Prime Minister. If only in form: more comfortable, Gabriel Attal spoke without noteswhich was not the case for Jordan Bardella.

Basically, the Prime Minister was also better. He managed to fault Jordan Bardella on several occasions, in any case to show that the RN was fragile on positions which did not stand the test of factsfor example on customs duties, on national preference, on the reform of the electricity market… And even on immigration regarding the concept of double border… The only moment when the Prime Minister was put in difficulty on nuclear power, when Jordan Bardella pointed out Emmanuel Macron’s reversals on the subject.

However, we cannot say that Jordan Bardella collapsed like Marine Le Pen collapsed against Emmanuel Macron during her first debate in 2017. But he showed approximations, lightness. When he talks about the French electricity bill, Jordan Bardella points to the European reform of the electricity market “which has not reduced the French bill”. Well, he forgot that the reform was not yet in force…

On the subject of electric cars, he points to the European decision to ban thermal engines in 2035, as if electric cars were going to replace thermal vehicles, as if thermal vehicles were going to disappear from circulation. Except that it is “the sale” of new thermal vehicles that will be prohibited, not cars in general… Here again, his statement is confusing..

Reason versus emotion

To compensate for its lack of funds, Jordan Bardella actually played to the fullest on the emotional register. He positioned himself on the feelings of the French. This allows him to talk about France, and not European issues on which he is not comfortable. He finally showed that he couldn’t handle the shock: Gabriel Attal managed to push him…

But if the Prime Minister won on points, Bardella is not KO. We will have to look at what the French say. And even if he was well below, I do not believe that Jordan Bardella will lose a voter: he is very much dominating in the polls and even if his debate was laborious, there is little doubt that his electorate will falter. ..

On Gabriel Attal’s side, the goal was to save his camp, to save soldier Hayer, the Macronist candidate, to save a list which is not taking off: he has rather succeeded. He had to prevent Jordan Bardella from making a solitary escape, he also succeeded: last night we saw the camp of reason, that of Gabriel Attal, facing the camp of emotion, that of Jordan Bardella.

Will this win votes for the Macronist list? Hesitant center-left voters? On June 9, we will measure the intensity of the anger and the level of support that the President and the government still have in public opinion…

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