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Evolution of fuel prices in France: a detailed overview for motorists

In the current context where economic issues increasingly impact the daily budget of French people, the evolution of fuel prices remains a subject of great concern for many motorists. Let’s analyze recent fluctuations in these prices to understand what awaits drivers at the pump.

Lead Free 98 and 95

The E5 variant of Lead Free 98 currently displays a price of 1,950 euros per liter. Over the period of the past year, this type of fuel saw a slight increase of 0.50%, although the past month showed a decrease of 2.50%, suggesting some volatility.

On the other hand, the Lead Free 95 in the E5 variant sells at 1.890 euros per liter, recording a slight increase of 1.20% year-on-year. However, prices fell slightly last month by 2.30%. The E10 version of this fuel is slightly cheaper at 1.858 euros per liter, but also saw a sharper decrease of 3.10% month-on-month.

BioEthanol E85 and LPG

THE BioEthanol E85 stands out for its considerably lower price of 0.888 euros per liter and a spectacular drop of 21.70% over the year. This option could therefore be interesting for owners of vehicles compatible with this type of fuel, offering an economical alternative to the rise in conventional prices.

As to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), sold at 0.991 euros per liter, it also saw a price drop of 1.40% in one year. This fuel remains a viable alternative for those looking to reduce their gasoline or diesel expenses.

Diesel (B7)

THE Diesel, the predominant fuel for many diesel vehicles in France, is currently at 1.718 euros per liter. It has seen an annual increase of 1.50%, with a recent decline of 3.00% over the last month. The fluctuations of this fuel are particularly monitored by a large part of motorists and transport companies.

Today For a week Since one month Since a year
Lead Free 98 (E5) 1,950 €/l – 1.0 cents/l (-0.50%) – 5.0 cents/l (-2.50%) + 1.0 cents/l (+0.50%)
Super 98 (E10) 1.897 €/l 0 cents/l (0%) 0 cents/l (0%) 0 cents/l (0%)
Lead Free 95 (E5) 1,890 €/l – 0.5 cents/l (-0.30%) – 4.5 cents/l (-2.30%) + 2.2 cents/l (+1.20%)
Lead Free 95 (E10) 1.858 €/l – 1.1 cents/l (-0.60%) – 5.9 cents/l (-3.10%) – 0.1 cents/l (-0.10%)
BioEthanol E85 0.888 €/l + 0.1 cents/l (+0.10%) – 0.9 cents/l (-1.00%) – 24.6 cents/l (-21.70%)
Diesel (B7) 1.718 €/l – 0.6 cents/l (-0.30%) – 5.4 cents/l (-3.00%) + 2.5 cents/l (+1.50%)
LPG 0.991 €/l – 1.1 cents/l (-1.10%) – 1.0 cents/l (-1.00%) – 1.4 cents/l (-1.40%)

It therefore appears that, although some fuels have seen minimal increases over the year, the general trend in recent months has been downward for most fuel types. This information is essential for motorists looking to optimize their fuel costs, perhaps choosing cheaper alternatives like E85 or LPG.

Furthermore, it is always wise to remain attentive to price trends at the pump, as these can significantly impact daily transport costs.### Analysis of Recent Trends in Fuel Prices in France



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