Dominique Lavanant is celebrating her 80th birthday, far from the Bronzés team with whom she is angry… especially with one member!

This Friday, May 24, 2024, Dominique Lavanant celebrates his 80th birthday. In recent years, the actress has withdrawn from the artistic scene and we no longer see her on our screens… Except during rebroadcasts of the films Les Bronzés. However, between the actress and the Splendid troupe, the cord of friendship has been broken for a long time.

Dominique Lavanant is celebrating her 80th birthday, far from the Bronzés team with whom she is angry… especially with one member!

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On April 25, 2024, the Splendid troupe was on the cover of Paris Match. “The kings of laughter gathered for you” headline our colleagues on the occasion of this special issue which celebrates the 75th anniversary of the weekly. In the photo, Christian Clavier, Gérard Jugnot, Thierry Lhermitte, Marie-Anne Chazel, Bruno Moynot, Josiane Balasko and Michel Blanc pose as to the good old days Inside the magazine, 12 pages are devoted to them, which look back on a complicity that “hasn’t aged a bit“… And it’s true. Fifty years after the birth of the Le Spendid café-theater that the seven of them founded, their friendship seems intact. Unwavering. The same cannot be said of those who accompanied them sometimes to the point of blending in with their troop, like Anémone or Dominique Lavanant…

This Friday, May 24, the actress celebrates her 80th birthday, far from magazine covers and photo shoots. Retired from the artistic scene for many years, Dominique Lavanant has not appeared publicly since the funeral of Jean-Pierre Mocky. It was five years ago, in August 2019. She accompanied the director to his final resting place by walking painfully, supported by a cane. Before this date, she posed in June 2014 for the premiere of the film Little Nicolas’s Holiday alongside Kad Merad and François-Xavier Demaison. Suffice to say that it has been almost ten years since the unforgettable Christiane, from Les Bronzés, who has since lost her partner, bowed out as an actress…

On the set of Tanned people go skiingDominique Lavanant, lonely, depressed

Before appearing in Patrice Leconte’s film, in 1978 as this character, Dominique Lavanant, who experienced a terrible tragedy in his childhood, had played in around fifteen films, but it is this kindly disconnected beautician who will reveal it to the public at the end of the 70s, especially since the scenario of Tanned people go skiing will reserve a place of choice for him, not really to his advantage alongside his companion Marius. No one will have forgotten the bad prank of wires in cheese fondue which makes Christiane and him hilarious.

Behind the laughter, however, the latter is already apart in this singular troupe… In her book, I’m stopping the cinemapublished in 2011, Patrice Leconte returned to the filming of Tanned people go skiing and had conceded that Dominique Lavanant was already isolated within the team. If her character of Christiane launches in the film at the address of Jérôme, Popeye and Bernard namely Clavier, Lhermitte and Jugnot, “You dropped me like an old sock“, in reality, the actress may have had a similar impression. “She always had the confused feeling that the splendid didn’t like him very much. She felt on the sidelines […] and didn’t live it very well”, wrote the director, adding this enlightening precision : “By an absurd mistake, we put her in a hotel where she was all alone. In the evening, she was depressed and drank white wine, saying she wanted to go back to Paris.Dominique Lavanant will not leave Val d’Isère and will finish the film but we are far from the good-natured atmosphere which seemed to mark the shooting. These were only the beginnings of a quarrel which was not going to get better with time, far from it…

In the years that followed, she will remain close to Josiane Balaskowhich makes it rotate in Bag of knotsin 1985 but also from Michel Blanc who offered him a role in his famous Tirednessbut above all allows her to step into the shoes of the famous Sister Thérèse in Sister Thérè The interpreter of Jean-Claude Dusse is in fact the creator of the series in which Lavanant and Martin Lamotte, another regular accomplice of the Splendid, will find each other from 2002 to 2011.

In the meantime, the rupture will occur radically. It occurred during the filming of the third part of Les Bronzés, a failed film in the opinion of many observers… In 2006 the joyful troupe met again to bring back to life these friends who met at Club Med 30 years earlier. They are in their fifties, have all changed a lot but one characteristic remains: Christiane’s person is always marginalized to the point that she even has to take on the role of a monster. In reality, we learned a few years later that behind the scenes, the actress was living a nightmare…

Dominique Lavanant is angry with Josiane Balasko

In 2011, when the series Sister Thérè stops, Dominique Lavanant gives a few words to France Evening to express his relief because it had reached saturation. She takes the opportunity to also tell some truths about the constraints involved in this role which was supposed to please the famous housewife under 50: “I don’t care about the housewife, I hate her. (…) I suffered from the drastic Bible which prevents us from saying what we want because of the housewife. It was untenable.“We must believe that on that day, she wanted to empty her bag, because it was then his former friends at Splendid who took it for their rank. About the latest opus, she says: “It’s my worst memory from filming, it was so horrible that I cried. In the eyes of the Splendid alumni, I was nothing. Just a newbie facing old friends.“Visibly injured, the actress particularly targeted Josiane Balasko, whose daughter Marilou recently expressed her indignation.”She was my friend, we were friends, and we knew each other’s families… At times, I miss her, it’s true. Something transforms people. Maybe the money.

A sharp indictment, to which Patrice Leconte responded without mincing his words, but which would put an end to the story of Dominique Lavanant with the Bronzés. In April 2019, upon the death of Anemone, unforgettable in her cult role of Thérèse in the Santa Claus is trash, the same Leconte had also mentioned the quarrel between Anémone and the rest of the Splendid troupe and made this comparison. “It’s the same thing with Dominique Lavanant, it was love – friendship. These are strong relationships and inevitably a little chaotic.“It was the least we could say…



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