Cardinal Lacroix insists that “light be shed”

Cardinal Lacroix insists that “light be shed”
Cardinal Lacroix insists that “light be shed”

Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix asks the complainant, who alleges to have been the victim of sexual assault committed by the prelate, to prosecute him criminally so that “full and complete light be shed on the allegations against me“.

In a video message, broadcast today on the website of the Catholic Church of Quebec, the archbishop expresses his comments on the conclusions of the investigation of former judge André Denis, made public Monday, and which whitens everythingact of misconduct or abuse“.

I reiterate my innocence, but above all I insist on my wish that light be shed completely and completely on the allegations against me. I also invite the complainant to contact Judge Denis as he suggested, or to file a criminal complaint against me so that a proper trial can take place. The community has the right to know whether the acts I am accused of took place or not “, he said in the video.

The cardinal also indicated that he wanted to have his testimony heard during a possible criminal trial.

Also, he intends to “periodically” reevaluate his voluntary temporary withdrawal from his public ministry as archbishop of Quebec, which has been effective since the end of last January.

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