Quotes | Pentecost supported pork prices in Europe

Quotes | Pentecost supported pork prices in Europe
Quotes | Pentecost supported pork prices in Europe

From Spain, the renewal of the quoting of pork established on the Breton pork market is surprising. “The quotation is stable despite the public holidays which shows that the supply of pigs is limited. During reduced weeks, the market balances,” says Mercoleida. The trend towards renewal is observed in many places of European markets.

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Pork sales on the rise in Germany

Over the Rhinejust before the Pentecost, sales of pork cuts were sustained, as was already the case for a good part of the month of May. The Pentecost weekend is usually busy. “Pentecost Monday is considered one of the highest weekends in terms of turnover with May 30, the regional public holiday of Fête Dieu,” reported the Breton pork market. The Friend even observed shortages in the backbone. Even today, a certain need for restocking is still felt. However, the return of the rain slows down the impulses. The German reference has been stable since the session of March 6, 2024.

Fear over the supply of pigs to Spain

In Spainthe weight average pig size is high and continues to increase. They allow better profitability for breeders. The slaughterers, for their part, are looking for supplies. “The health state of piglets over the past 2 years has led to fears of supply difficulties for slaughterhouses in the next few months,” explains the MPB.

Rise in pork prices in the Netherlands

To The Netherlands, the benchmark increased slightly, boosted by the return of demand for barbecue products. Enough to put an end to six weeks of stability.

Brazil lost 12,600 pigs

At Brazil, 12,600 are believed to have died in the floods that hit Rio Grande do Sul according to Reuters. This is small compared to the entire pig population, 5 million pigs. However, major exports have still been disrupted according to the Brazilian Association of Animal Proteins. The blocking of roads and railways leading to the Rio Grande port terminal has reduced the activity of this port where 9% of total meat exports Brazilian pork are shipped to the rest of the world.

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