Amazon halves the price of Xiaomi’s kibble dispenser

Amazon halves the price of Xiaomi’s kibble dispenser
Amazon halves the price of Xiaomi’s kibble dispenser

If you want to be able to feed your pet remotely and safely, you can opt for the Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder kibble dispenser. This is very good value for money, since currently it can be found at 69.99 euros instead of 129.99 euros.

Those who have (the immense) joy of living with pets know how useful a connected kibble dispenser can be on a daily basis. Being able to provide the right amount of kibble and remotely manage the distribution of your cat or dog’s meal allows you to have peace of mind, even when you leave your animal alone (not for too long, obviously) . If this type of device interests you and your furry friend, know that the model designed by Xiaomi is entirely recommendable, and the good news is that it is almost half price right now.

The advantages of the Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

  • Controlled waterproofing
  • A capacity of 1.8 kg of kibble
  • Everything can be controlled from the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home application

First priced at 129.99 euros, Xiaomi’s Smart Pet Food Feeder is currently sold for 69.99 euros on Amazon.

Please note that an additional 15 euro coupon is offered to new customers if this is their first order on

Well-designed security

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder comes in the form of a 3 kg block and measures 31.1 by 18 by 38.7 centimeters. Not a juggernaut, then. Discreet, it can be placed in a corner of your room without taking up too much space. However, it is capable of storing a large quantity of kibble, namely 1.8 kg maximum. Depending on the brand, this is enough to feed a cat or small dog for 15 to 20 days. We also take this opportunity to point out that Xiaomi does not recommend the use of this dispenser for pets aged less than three months or large dogs. Otherwise, the Smart Pet Food Feeder is completely secure thanks to its well-designed locking and the deactivation of the dispenser in the event of resistance to avoid injury to the pasta. Add to this the presence of a braided nylon cord which will resist biting very well.

This kibble dispenser also keeps kibble dry thanks to its silicone seal, which blocks the air and therefore slows down the oxidation of your animals’ precious foods, but also thanks to its desiccant cartridges, which keep the kibbles very fresh. The food compartment, the stirrer, the dispensing blade and the stainless steel bowl can, for their part, be very easily cleaned.

A super practical connected device

The major advantage of the Smart Pet Food Feeder is obviously that of being able to automatically and smoothly distribute the kibble for your furry roommates. Thanks to the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home application, you can define fixed times for pouring kibble each day, and even a precise quantity. You can also add additional kibble remotely via this same application. The latter also allows you to monitor the remaining quantity of food in the dispenser in real time. Recharge reminders can also be sent to you if necessary.

Finally, note that the Smart Pet Food Feeder can contain kibbles from 5 to 12 mm in size and that even in the event of a power outage, an emergency power supply consisting of four AAA batteries will ensure the distribution of your companions’ kibbles.

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