A murderous spouse is now deprived of any matrimonial benefits, according to a text voted on in the Assembly

This Thursday, the National Assembly unanimously adopted a text depriving spouses who killed their spouse of all their matrimonial benefits. They thus fill an “aberration”.

Parliament definitively adopted on Thursday, May 23, a text allowing spouses convicted of murder or attempted murder of their spouse to be deprived of matrimonial benefits linked to their marriage contract, thus correcting a “serious deficiency” in the law, according to the minister. Thomas Cazenave.

Another part of this comprehensive law on “property justice within the family” should also allow people separated from their spouse to be more easily exempt from the joint payment of tax debts contracted by the latter, when they do not. were not aware of and did not benefit. And this even though this “fiscal solidarity” could turn into a “nightmare” and “financial distress” for certain ex-spouses, recognized the Minister of Public Accounts.

The National Assembly adopted this text unanimously on Thursday by 80 voters, as the Senate had already done on Wednesday evening. “With this text, we resolve two questions of objective injustice”, which each time concern “more than 80% of women”, welcomed to AFP the MoDem deputy Hubert Ott, at the origin of the bill, adopted in “record time” thanks to transpartisan work, according to his colleague Perrine Goulet, who was the rapporteur.

“Indecent blind spot”

If the spouse who killed his partner is excluded from his inheritance, the law was until now “silent” concerning matrimonial advantages (i.e. the clauses of the marriage contract), thus allowing a murderer to be able to “benefit from the property” of his victim, an “inconceivable” thing, Ms. Goulet told AFP. The deputies of the different political groups unanimously congratulated themselves on the end of an “aberration” and an “indecent blind spot in our legislation”, while around a hundred women are killed each year in France by their partner or ex. -companion.

The other article of this text received the same support, in favor of relaxing the conditions for benefiting from an exemption from tax solidarity for former civil partnerships or ex-married people. Until now, the latter were required to repay the tax debt contracted by their ex-spouse if their “patrimonial and financial situation” did not present a “marked disproportion” in relation to the debt, even if they were unaware of it. existence and had not benefited from it. In summary: “if you had money, even if you were innocent, you had to repay,” explains Ms. Goulet. Only a third of exemption requests were accepted by the tax administration in 2023.

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