A young Breton woman must borrow 12,000 euros to treat her lipoedema in Germany

A young Breton woman must borrow 12,000 euros to treat her lipoedema in Germany
A young Breton woman must borrow 12,000 euros to treat her lipoedema in Germany

This Breton woman was forced to have an operation in Germany at her own expense, even though research into this pathology, also called “pole leg disease”, is little advanced and the treatment is not reimbursed in France.

A diagnosis and the start of the obstacle course. In October 2023, Doriane Le Floch, a 21-year-old student from Vannes, in Morbihan, learned that she had lipedema. Also called “pole leg disease”, this chronic and progressive pathology has as its main symptom the concentration of fatty tissue under the skin of the legs and arms.

“It starts with the swelling of the limbs, it seems disproportionate compared to the rest of our body. At first, we don’t worry too much about it, we tell ourselves that it’s the morphology, normal changes of the body. And then there is pain, heaviness in the legs,” she explains to BFMTV.

If this news allows the young woman to better understand the illness from which she has suffered since her adolescence, she learns that research into this illness is very late in France, and that existing treatments are not reimbursed.

In order to receive proper treatment, Doriane is then forced to take out a loan of 12,000 euros in order to have an operation in a specialized clinic in Germany. Today, the latter wants an evolution in the management of lipedema so that other patients do not find themselves in a similar pitfall.

“It would be good if the medical process was simpler and that, for example, there were no underage girls who did not have to fight for it, that they were really accompanied by their doctor,” he insists. -She.

New operation on June 24

If France is in fact less advanced regarding the treatment of lipedema than some of its European neighbors, health professionals assure that the situation is tending to gradually normalize.

“In Paris and other large cities in France, we have surgeons who know lipedema, who are capable of operating on it satisfactorily with the same modern tools and machines and knowledge of this pathology,” promises, again to BFMTV , Audrey Stansal, doctor in the vascular department of the American Hospital of Paris.

The fact remains that, in order to be able to treat her equally affected arms, Doriane is now forced to open an online fundraiser in order to be able to finance her treatment. The operation is scheduled for June 24, still in Germany.

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