Donald Trump once again requests that his Florida trial be dropped

Donald Trump once again requests that his Florida trial be dropped
Donald Trump once again requests that his Florida trial be dropped

Donald Trump, 77, who is currently on trial in New York in another criminal case over hidden payments to a former porn star who claimed she had a sexual relationship with him, was not present at the hearing Wednesday in Fort Pierce.

The Republican presidential candidate in November, who hopes to take his 2020 revenge against Democrat Joe Biden, is being sued for his allegedly negligent handling of classified documents at his private residence Mar-a-Lago, in Florida (southeast) , after his departure from the White House in January 2021.

He is accused of having kept these documents, including military plans or information on nuclear weapons, instead of handing them over to the National Archives as required by law. Two of his personal assistants are also being prosecuted in Florida.

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The billionaire’s lawyers have already several times asked Judge Aileen Cannon, appointed to her position by Donald Trump, then president, to drop the charges against him and his two co-defendants, his assistant Walt Nauta and the property manager of Mar-a-Lago Carlos de Oliveira.

In this criminal case, the judge recently decided to postpone indefinitely the start of the trial, which was scheduled for May, citing the large number of appeals.

On Wednesday, she listened to the arguments developed in two appeals, one filed on behalf of Nauta alone and the other on behalf of the three accused, but did not immediately rule on these requests.

The judge indicated at the beginning of May that she had postponed the trial due to the large number of appeals. It is now very unlikely that it will take place before the presidential election on November 5.

In addition to the trial in New York and the ongoing procedure in Florida, the ex-president is being prosecuted on two counts for his alleged attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election: in Washington by the federal courts and in Georgia by local justice.

If he were elected again, he could order the dismissal of the two federal proceedings against him, the one in Washington and the one in Florida.



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