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China launches military exercises around Taiwan – 05/23/2024 at 04:38

China launches military exercises around Taiwan – 05/23/2024 at 04:38
China launches military exercises around Taiwan – 05/23/2024 at 04:38

by Yimou Lee and Bernard Orr

Taiwan’s military mobilized its forces after China launched two-day military exercises around the island on Thursday in response to “separatist acts.”

The exercises, held in the Taiwan Strait and around islands near the Chinese coast and controlled by Taiwan, come three days after Lai Ching-te was sworn in as Taiwan’s president for a four-year term.

China, which considers Taiwan to be a renegade province, has never ruled out using force to bring the island back into its fold and takes a dim view of the electoral victory of Lai Ching-te, pro-independence like him. was the former president, Tsai Ing-wen.

Lai Ching-te, who considers that the Taiwanese people are the sole decision-makers of their future, has proposed a dialogue with China in the past, in vain.

Chinese military exercises, involving the army, navy, air force and missile force, began around Taiwan at 7:45 a.m. Thursday (11:45 p.m. GMT Wednesday), China’s Eastern Theater Command said. People’s Liberation Army.

The exercises focus on joint combat readiness sea-air patrols, precision strikes on key targets and integrated operations to test the forces’ “actual combat capabilities”, the Chinese military said.

“It is also a punishment for the separatist acts of Taiwan independence forces and a stern warning against interference and provocation by external forces,” she added.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry condemned Chinese military exercises and said it had dispatched its forces around the island.

“Launching military exercises not only does not contribute to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, but also highlights (China’s) militaristic mentality,” the ministry said.

(Written by Ben Blanchard; French version Camille Raynaud)



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