Violence in Montreal: citizens are experiencing a “waking nightmare”

Violence in Montreal: citizens are experiencing a “waking nightmare”
Violence in Montreal: citizens are experiencing a “waking nightmare”

Like many Montrealers, Sophie Durocher says she is particularly concerned by the increase in episodes of violence in the metropolis.

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“There is not a day when there is not extremely worrying news about crime and psychological distress in Montreal. We have the impression, in Montreal, of living in a bad American film: a sort of mix between a bad gangster film and a bad zombie film,” says the columnist.

“We have the impression that the City of Montreal is abandoned to people who are in psychological distress and to people who are under the influence of drugs,” she adds.

Sophie Durocher deplores the current situation in Montreal.

“I want to tear my hair out and say to myself: what is happening with the City of Montreal? This climate of violence is terrifying,” proclaims the columnist.

“These are people who are traumatized, who saw before their eyes people being beaten with a wrench, people being stabbed. I really have the impression that we are living, at the moment in Montreal, a waking nightmare,” she adds.

The latter criticizes the Montreal authorities for the lack of action to curb the rise in violence.

“There was someone from the SPVM who said: no violence will be tolerated. We have the impression that these are wishful thinking,” maintains Ms. Durocher.

She also believes that the police seem too overwhelmed to manage this situation and that Mayor Valérie Plante is content to “put on her rose-colored glasses” by promoting living together.

“What we need at the moment from the administrative authorities and the police authorities is to reassure us and I am not hearing that at the moment,” says Sophie Durocher.

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