Emmanuel Macron arrived on the island

Emmanuel Macron arrived on the island
Emmanuel Macron arrived on the island

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron is in New Caledonia to renew dialogue and try to restore order. On site, the authorities say that the situation is “calmer” since last night. The latest information.

23:48 – Emmanuel Macron has arrived in New Caledonia

[Fin du direct] Emmanuel Macron is traveling to New Caledonia for a surprise visit. The head of state wants to regain control, more than a week after the start of riots on the archipelago. He landed on the island on Thursday morning (local time). Emmanuel Macron must meet in the morning the elected officials of New Caledonia but also economic players and union representatives.

23:20 – Towards “reinforced mobilization” of the separatists

With Emmanuel Macron’s trip to New Caledonia, the separatists, who hold certain routes, announced “an increased mobilization”. “We remain mobilized […] as long as the State persists in unfreezing the provincial electoral body”, assured the Field Action Coordination Unit. The organization intends in particular to block the junction of the two main roads giving access to the north of the island Thursday May 23.

22:23 – A visit that could last two days for Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron’s visit to New Caledonia could last up to two days. The Head of State will visit Germany from Sunday to Tuesday, the Elysée announced on Wednesday. Thus, the President of the Republic should leave Paris “Sunday in the middle of the day for Berlin”, underlined a presidential advisor to Agence France-Presse.

21:27 – The arrival of Emmanuel Macron, “a political poker move”?

Guest on BFMTV, the vice-president of the Southern Province of New Caledonia, Philippe Blaise believes that Emmanuel Macron’s arrival on the island is “a political poker move”. “I’m not sure he has a magic wand and can solve all the problems in 24 hours,” he explains. “We would not understand with everything we have suffered that the State would show weakness,” he adds. “The prerequisite for any serious discussion is the return to public order.”

20:40 – The cyberattack will have “no long-term consequences”

No less than 95,000 connection attempts in a few seconds were identified in an “unprecedented attack” for the island. The cyberattack will have “no long-term consequences”, the French Computer Security Agency told AFP on Wednesday. The attack lasted “a few hours” against the archipelago’s telecoms operator. “There is no intrusion into the information systems of the operator concerned, nor of its various clients.”

19:47 – Mining sites in New Caledonia at a standstill

All of the mining sites operated in New Caledonia by Eramet have been shut down “for more than a week”. “All of the mining sites operated by SLN in the territory have been shut down for more than a week, the security conditions are too degraded to continue normal activity,” a door communicated to Agence France-Presse. -spokesperson from Eramet in Paris.

18:51 – No shortage of medicine stock

Yannick Slamet, member of the New Caledonian government in charge of Health, assured that “New Caledonia is not lacking in stock of medicines nor in professional staff. On the other hand, he recognized “health difficulties” on “travel of patients and health personnel”. Thus, the establishment of a teleconsultation system for the period of the crisis must take place soon. The government is also looking for “premises across the city” to allow this. cares.

16:14 – 306 rioters arrested

According to the latest report drawn up by Gabriel Attal in the Senate, 306 rioters have been arrested since the start of the violence in New Caledonia. In addition, “90 dams have been cleared”. In the coming hours, more than 3,000 members of the internal security forces will be mobilized on the island. There are currently 2,700 law enforcement officers deployed on the archipelago.

15:59 – The situation remains “tense and fragile” indicates Gabriel Attal

“We must continue to act to remove the blockades and regain control of all the districts of Nouméa.” The situation is “improving” but remains “tense and fragile” indicates Prime Minister Gabriel Attal in the Senate this Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

15:48 – Emmanuel Macron’s program on the archipelago

According to information from Ouest France, Emmanuel Macron should arrive at Nouméa airport around 8 a.m. this Thursday (11 p.m. Paris time). He will then have lunch with elected officials and certain economic players in the region. The head of state should also participate in a “more political” meeting on the riots which have been raging on the island since May 12. It is only at the end of these meetings that the President of the Republic could speak publicly.

3:20 p.m. – Mobile internet shutdown planned

As revealed by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin during a hearing at the National Assembly, a cut of 5G, 4G and 3G was considered by the government in New Caledonia. The censorship of Tiktok is very effective in the archipelago.

14:06 – Macron’s “poker move”

A few hours before Emmanuel Macron’s arrival in New Caledonia, a majority MP described this visit to AFP as a “poker move”, in the same way as his appearance at the agricultural show in the midst of a crisis in the sector, comments relayed this Wednesday by Ouest France. “It removes all the fuses. It’s double or nothing” continues a ministerial advisor.

12:24 – Three Bac police officers injured this Wednesday

Three Bac police officers were injured after the burglary of an armory, Louis Le Franc, High Commissioner of the Republic, said this Wednesday. At the same time, he denounces the “rumors” concerning the dead and injured since the start of the riots on the island. So far, 6 people have lost their lives, including two police officers.



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