Nikki Haley says she will vote for Donald Trump

Nikki Haley says she will vote for Donald Trump
Nikki Haley says she will vote for Donald Trump

Nikki Haley alongside Donald Trump, when she was a member of his administration in 2018.Getty Images North America

Describing Joe Biden as a “disaster”, Donald Trump’s former presidential rival declared on Wednesday that she would vote for the Republican candidate.

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Former Republican candidate for the White House Nikki Haley, who has sharply criticized Donald Trump in the past, announced Wednesday that she would vote for him in the November presidential election.

President Joe “Biden is a disaster. So I will vote for Trump”she said during a speech in a conservative research center.

But Donald Trump should “reach out to the millions of people who voted for me and who continue to support me, and not assume that they will line up behind him,” she warned. (ats/afp)

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