One of the largest French operators will soon increase the price of one of its packages. Check your invoices!

After having already increased its prices at the start of the year, this famous operator is doing it again this summer by raising the prices of one of its most popular packages.

Despite the arrival of Free on the market more than ten years ago and the clear fall in the prices of mobile plans, it is not uncommon to see certain operators increase prices, particularly during periods of inflation. While it’s always unpleasant to see the price of your phone plan go up, it’s even more annoying not to realize it in time.

In fact, there is no obligation on a telephone operator to ensure that you are aware of an increase in your package. As long as the latter indicates and warns of this increase through a letter, the law considers that you are then informed. A certain freedom is granted to the company on the means of transmitting the painful message. The mention of this increase may very well be written at the very bottom of an invoice that you might not see.

This is precisely the practice used by several operators to raise the prices of their packages while remaining very discreet when it comes to customer information. The latter will only specify these price changes in a corner of paper and assume that you are now aware.

Mention discovered by subscribers at the bottom of their May invoice. © SFR

In the last invoice received by certain SFR subscribers for their mobile plan, several of them noticed an upcoming price increase. This increase would be estimated at 0.99 euros per month and would be effective from June 2024. The package concerned is that of RED By SFR subscribers, which constitutes one of the most popular packages in France.

SFR warns its subscribers in the last invoice sent in May. At the very bottom of the latter, in a small box, the firm announces the increase in the price of the RED By SFR package. The operator justifies this increase in particular by “a persistent context of inflation marked by the generalized increase in the costs constituting the price of your service (electronic components, raw materials, logistics)…”

This increase is likely to make several SFR customers cringe. The operator had already increased its prices at the start of the year for its RED box subscribers. The latter had been subject to an increase of 6 euros on their monthly bill.



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