National tribute, Palestinian state, cyberattack in New Caledonia: mid-day update

Prison officers killed: a national tribute in Caen

A week after the death of two agents, shot dead in the ambush of a prison van at the Incarville tollbooth (Eure), a national tribute was paid to them, this afternoon in Caen, by the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal.

New Caledonia: a cyberattack before the arrival of Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron flew to New Caledonia with the aim of resuming dialogue there and accelerating the return to order in Nouméa, where two schools and a car dealership were burned down last night . The head of state is due to arrive on the archipelago next night.

Furthermore, New Caledonia was targeted by a cyberattack of “unprecedented strength” aimed at “saturating the Caledonian network”, indicated Christopher Gygès, member of the Caledonian collegial government.

Riots in New Caledonia: the latest information

Three European countries will recognize a Palestinian state

The two-state solution is “the only credible path to peace and security for Israel and Palestine,” Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris said. (Photo Tolga Akmen/EPA)

Spain, Ireland and Norway announced their coordinated decision to recognize a Palestinian state, with the hope of leading other countries to do the same.

“We consider this an important step towards asserting our right to land and establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” Hamas said, calling on “countries across the world to recognize (their) legitimate national rights.”

Israel-Gaza: the latest news

One dead after severe turbulence on London-Singapore flight

Airplane passengers arriving at Bangkok airport. (Photo Ariffin Jamar/EPA)

One person died and thirty others were injured on a Singapore Airlines plane which experienced severe turbulence during its journey from London to Singapore before making an emergency landing in Bangkok. Twenty passengers from Australia, Britain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines are in intensive care in hospitals in the Thai capital.

Mule cut: a Breton European champion

type="image/jpeg">Finistère Romain Torchen, European mule cup champion in the “Traditional” category.>
Finistère Romain Torchen, European mule cup champion in the “Traditional” category. (Photo Claudie Poirier/Le Télégramme)

Crowned European mule cup champion in the “Traditional” category, last weekend in Brussels, Breton Romain Torchen spoke to Télégramme. “Dressing your hair like this is a call for tolerance, it is emancipation from the dictates of society. Wanting to exist differently,” declared the young thirty-year-old, who lives in Landivisiau (29).



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