What do we know about the death of an 8 year old girl?

The 49-year-old father placed in police custody following “incoherent comments”

Credit : pexels @donald tong

This is news which adds yet another shadow to the picture of Seine-Saint-Denis, after little Noah aged 4 in Stains, found dead lying on the floor of the family home, this time it was a little girl who died. She was found in cardiorespiratory arrest at the home of her father, who had just picked her up, rue Guillaume Apollinaire in Bondy. Aged 49, his explanations seemed confusing from the start because the man was in drunk and showed “traces of bleeding scratches on the left cheekbone” according to a police Source in the newspaper The Parisian.

Supported by Samu doctors and firefighters, called by the father, the little girl was transferred to Robert-Debré hospital (19th century)escorted by police motorcyclists for quicker treatment, his vital prognosis being compromised.

An open investigation

His father, who has since been released from police custody, was presented to a magistrate this Tuesday and the investigation, initially opened for “violence against a 15-year-old minor” was then renamed to deal with “murder of a 15 year old minor” and entrusted to the Territorial Security of Seine-Saint-Denis (93).

Children killed by their parents were recorded in the number of 60 in 2023 by the association La Voix de l’Enfant and in 2019 a report provided to the government showed approximately a child killed every 5 days.



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