The price of parking will triple in Paris for SUVs, the date set

That’s it, Paris is going to sanction cars deemed too heavy and bulky. The price of parking for the latter will increase. The Paris Council voted for this news, which will apply from October 1 in the capital.

“As of October 1, Paris will apply a differentiated rate for the heaviest vehicles, also reported David Belliard, deputy for mobility at Paris City Hall. In accordance with the choice of Parisians during the citizens’ vote last February , the owners of these vehicles will have to pay a parking price three times higher than those of less heavy vehicles! A measure for safety, for the climate and for air quality!

Triple price for parking in Paris

From October 1, thermal vehicles weighing more than 1.6 tonnes and electric vehicles weighing more than two tonnes will have to pay this new rate. This will involve paying 18 euros per hour in the center of Paris (from the 1st to the 11th arrondissement) compared to six euros for other cars. This will be 12 euros per hour in the other districts, compared to four for vehicles not falling within this pricing.

However, this will not concern residential parking. Thus, the price will not change for thermal vehicles. Regarding hybrids and electrics, free residential parking will also be maintained.

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To sum up

The tripling of the price of parking for cars deemed heavy and bulky in Paris was voted by the City Council. It will be in place from October 1st. Enough to hurt the wallets of many drivers.



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