This half-price Xiaomi device is very practical for relieving people prone to allergies

This half-price Xiaomi device is very practical for relieving people prone to allergies
This half-price Xiaomi device is very practical for relieving people prone to allergies

The Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock is a device that continuously monitors variations in temperature and humidity in your home. Perfect for relieving your allergies and protecting your health, its price drops to 14.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros.

Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock // Source: official website

Among the multitude of Xiaomi products, we find the Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock. A small monitor capable of measuring the temperature and humidity of your interior. For people prone to allergies, you might like this device, especially since it is offered with a 15 euro reduction.

What is the Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock?

  • A connected thermostat, with a 3.7-inch E-Link screen
  • Monitors room temperature and humidity
  • One year of battery life

Starting at 29.99 euros, the Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock is currently on sale for 14.99 euros on the official website.

A minimalist monitor that blends into the decor

Xiaomi may offer products at low prices, but the manufacturing quality is always there. Dressed all in white, the Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock takes on the appearance of most of the brand’s devices, with its sober and discreet design. It blends perfectly into its environment thanks to its small dimensions (60 g for 10.1 mm thickness) and can be placed on a table with the help of its support. It can be attached very well to the wall thanks to its magnet. At the front, there is a 3.7-inch e-ink screen (88 mm x 33 mm) on which you can access the time, but not only that. It continuously displays variations in indoor temperature and humidity.

How ? Thanks to the presence of a high precision sensor which will be able to detect changes in temperature and humidity. This information about your interior will prove useful for knowing when it is necessary to ventilate your rooms. It can provide you with a large amount of data to better understand your indoor environment and prevent problems related to allergies or other health problems. Depending on the brand, the ideal room temperature is between 19°C to 27°C, and the humidity level is between 20% RH–85% RH. And, to know if you are in a healthy environment, visual emoticons (an upset face and another happy one) let you know if your temperature and humidity level is uncomfortable or not.

Collect lots of practical data in real time

This device connects to other smart devices designed by Xiaomi, such as an air conditioner or humidifier, from the app. In hot weather, you will be able to activate and deactivate your air conditioner and preset the temperature on the app. Likewise, if the room is dry, you can start the humidifier and configure the humidity level.

To have access to all the information collected and have more details, you will need to go to the dedicated application. On the other hand, it is a shame not to find a voice assistant, useful for accessing particular information using voice only. As for its autonomy, its energy consumption is very low, in particular thanks to its E-Link screen. According to the manufacturer, it should last about a year, with only two button batteries.

To discover other devices that also allow you to keep an eye on the temperature in your home, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best connected thermostats in 2024.



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